Dear Student, You’re Starting University

Scared, excited, counting down the days, dreading the move, already packed or no idea where to start. Do not stress. This is your year. Freshers maybe virtual but uni is still happening, in real life. And that is something to celebrate. Whichever uni you're heading to, however far from home, or close, moving out or… Continue reading Dear Student, You’re Starting University

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Top 10 tips for a ‘rona-student

Are you a student in a tiny room for the imminent future? Isolating? or have all the cafes and your other study spots closed? I'm very aware that sleeping and working in the same room all day isn't great, the two steps from your bed to your desk is your only commute, unless you and… Continue reading Top 10 tips for a ‘rona-student

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Welsh national lockdown – update

By the fact I'm posting this blog 11 days in to the 17 day lockdown, you can probably guess I've been anything but bored. Uni work has sky-rocketed and I've got a temporary job which is 15 hours a week. On top of that I'm a committee member for a society, co-leading a small group… Continue reading Welsh national lockdown – update

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I finished first year!!

And just like that, I'm one year closer to becoming a dietitian. It's been a phenomenal year, moving out and leaving the safety of my home and my parents to move in to a flat with 7 strangers, transitioning up from school lessons to university lectures, my morning routine changing from a lift to school… Continue reading I finished first year!!


Barker Tearooms

My most visited brunch spot so far, I've taken my grandma here, my auntie here and flatmates too. The teapots are gorgeous, the decor is shabby-chic and the mismatched crockery just makes it, but the most important thing about Barker tearooms? The milkshakes. One of my flatmates Sian, enjoying her Strawberry milkshake My firm favourite… Continue reading Barker Tearooms

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Getting Ready for University – A list of what to take

*I have since edited this blog since spending a year at university* With results day 2019 looming just 24 hours away from where I am, university is sitting heavily on my mind. Whilst heading off and leaving home is exciting, it is also rather daunting and so expensive! From new clothes, bed sheets, towels, bathroom… Continue reading Getting Ready for University – A list of what to take