Elfy living

Who am I?

My name is Laura, just finished school and I am now on the most amazing 3 month journey which will end with me starting university in September. A vegetable lover (don’t be scared by this, vegetables do genuinely taste nice, you just have to work out which ones you like) and gym enthusiast (don’t be scared by this either, I used to hate exercise and now I love it). I am an aspiring dietitan and I plan to start my studies towards this goal by studying dietetics at uni, this fills me with joy and I am so excited to see my future unfold before me, I hope I can become a successful dietitian and influencer both in clinic and here, the small corner of the internet which belongs to me!


Why Blog?

I wouldn’t say I’m an average health food blogger, I’m a rookie when it comes to technology (I may be a teenager, but I quite often disagree with gadgets). Over all of this, I have discovered that blogging gives me freedom to voice my opinions, to share my successes and failures in the kitchen, easy healthier recipes for anyone, and now as I get ready for university, look towards budgeting in the kitchen too. Alongside this, my future goal of becoming a dietitian means I love to bust food-myths and get REAL science from people actually qualified to talk about food in a section of my blog called SHE (The Science of Healthy Eating)


Why Elfy living?

Originally CourgettiBlogetti, my newly named blog is tailored to give you a mini insight into what I am like as a person, partly coming from my dietetic studies, and hopefully dietetic qualifications in the future and partly from my surname Elfes, ‘elfy’ is a play on the word ‘healthy’ and my surname. I loved the old name of my blog, I feel that this change is a great step towards my readers and followers getting a grasp on what I truly believe (ie: I love food, especially carbs, I have a future in nutrition, I am focused on being healthy – everything in moderation and a lit bit of exercise is thrown in too!)


Why start this blog?

I’m just here to show you my way of life because if I can help someone find a new gluten free recipe for their coeliac friend or even just inspire someone to eat a few more greens, then I’m going to be pretty satisfied. This is me, it’s how I choose to live, learn and grow stronger. I also want to show people that healthy living is cheap: that not emptying your purse AND cooking hearty healthy food IS possible, satisfying both the stomach and the mind. My dad, who works in the NHS, can’t eat wheat, and I think the combination of his career and his food choices has directed me towards my goal of becoming a dietitian. I love baking or cooking for him to help him have tasty food!


Since the start-up

Whilst my first few months were solely based on getting out content, within my first year I was nominated for a Health Blog Award in the ‘Best New Blog’ category, to which I came third!

School and A-levels

Having just finishing studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology A-level, which concluded with a six-month full on revision period, sleep deprivation and nine exams, I am very happy to say I am a free woman! This summer I am looking to prepare myself for uni, catch up on sleep, bake lots, got to the beach lots, read lots, improve my sustainability and all in all have a really great summer!


Future plans 

As I have previously mentioned, I am off to uni in September this year (2019) to study dietetics. My future for the plans for my little blog and Instagram account (@elfy_living) is to increase my following and to enlighten those who follow me with REAL science, debunking food myths and showing how students can live on cheap, healthy, nourishing food!

blog cover photo
My dads took this photo and I am the person under the rainbow in the sea!