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Dear Diary, I give up Superfoods

Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Maca, Cacao, Wheatgrass, Beetroot Powder, Matcha, Green tea, Pomegrante, Goji Berries, I had it all. It has taken me too long to realise the impacts of superfoods (or lack of them). When I realised the truth, I still kept them, stashed in a cupboard all in ordered glass jars looking a lot… Continue reading Dear Diary, I give up Superfoods


May favourites

Cereals: Dorset cereals and homemade granola Dorset cereal berry Muesli - I love to use local produce, so Dorset cereals seemed like the perfect answer! Before I tried this, Muesli, in my opinion was flakes of cardboard, but my mind has been changed. Made up of 45% fruit the 'Luscious Berry and Cherry' muesli, is… Continue reading May favourites


Parkrun changed my life

28/06/2014, at age 13, I set foot in Poole Park at 9:00AM, for the very first time and I have never looked back since. My first parkrun was painful to my mum, who carried a water bottle in her hand and passed it to me every time I grunted at her, she ended up promising… Continue reading Parkrun changed my life