A Vegan on Gold Duke of Edinburgh

Actually make that two vegans... Whilst our assessor questioned the nutritional content of our food, we dined like kings on the moors and ate almost every moment of the foggy days. Four days and three nights worked out as four breakfasts, four lunches and three dinners. Day 1 Whilst you may have thought instant porridge… Continue reading A Vegan on Gold Duke of Edinburgh

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Pimp your salad

When it comes to salad, so many people think of a plate of lettuce, and the thing is so far from the truth! I love adding as many colours as possible to my lunches, from fruits to veggies to seeds and nuts. Here I have added a few (maybe surprising) ingredients to make sure your… Continue reading Pimp your salad


What I ate on my Duke of Edinburgh

Yes it may be March, but this past weekend I have just completed my Silver Duke of Edinburgh practice weekend. The camping part was so cold, but seven layers kept me warm! Call me crazy, but I love navigating around the countryside with a heavy rucksack on my back. Silver involves 3 days walking and… Continue reading What I ate on my Duke of Edinburgh