Cocoa-nut choc ices

When I think coconut, I think chocolate, and I know I'm not the only one with this trail of thought! As a little child growing up, bounty bars were a favourite of mine and as they are always the last in the celebration box so I was always lucky to get most of them! Although delicous, I… Continue reading Cocoa-nut choc ices

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Revision Snacks

For anyone who has ever had to revise for long periods of time, which I presume is basically everyone, you know how strenuous and boring life can feel. For me I had to have little breaks to look forward to, which usually include some food and some fresh air helping to clear my head a… Continue reading Revision Snacks


Easy Homemade Crisps

Do you ever get that craving for something crunchy? Or something to go with your favourite dip? Here is the answer: After having enchiladas the previous night, we had some leftover corn tortillas. I thought: let's find something to make these into, and these super easy AND quick healthy homemade crisps arrived on my plate for lunch… Continue reading Easy Homemade Crisps