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Marmalade granola

Well, I have made my way through quite a few granola recipes in my time on this blog, but this has to be the most different. When my parents brought back lots of marmalade from their holiday in Italy, I got a little bored of marmalde on toast but I still wanted to taste marmalde… Continue reading Marmalade granola

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Mum’s Coffee Granola

Essentially this turns a yummy breakfast and you're usual morning drink into one delicious combination. Plus if you have this with milk, you end up with coffee milk at the end! My mum loves coffee and she found this my "best granola recipe yet" so here is my next recipe in the family granola series.… Continue reading Mum’s Coffee Granola

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Chunky Peanut-Banana Granola

I have tried so many ways to get clumpy and chunky granola, but the solution was so simple: Banana! Peanut butter and banana is a combination that I absolutely LOVE, so this is my favourite granola (probably ever)! It's part of my granola series, where I'm creating a granola recipe for each member of my… Continue reading Chunky Peanut-Banana Granola


Dad’s Gluten-free Granola

I realised that finding the perfect granola recipe for my whole family was pretty much impossible... So I decided to create a collection of granola recipes, starting with this one,  allowing multiple ideas and flavour combination for anyone to read (yey). There is no coconut oil or so called superfoods in this, its just my dad's favourite breakfast! Honestly,… Continue reading Dad’s Gluten-free Granola