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‘Deepest Roast’ Nut Butter

This recipe actually came around by accident when I thought I had burnt hazelnuts whilst making my chocolate hazelnut butter, it turns out almost burnt nuts produce a decadent and delightful nut butter! You will need quite a powerful blender for this, sometimes half way through blending, your machine may need a rest to prevent… Continue reading ‘Deepest Roast’ Nut Butter


Easter Chocolates with a Healthy Caramel Centre

Some health-obsessed people right around Easter start listing reasons why you should not be eating Easter eggs full of additives, and instead making some interesting Easter based food instead. That's not me, this recipe provides you with a quick and tasty and healthy chocolate delight, spring themed but tasty all year round! With two flavours:… Continue reading Easter Chocolates with a Healthy Caramel Centre


Cinnamon Date Puree

There isn't anything better than a warm bowl of porridge on a wintry morning, unless it has cinnamon date puree on top. Made from just dates, cinnamon and water, this simple recipe can make almost anything taste ten times better.This recipe is cheap and easy to make. I bought a bag of dried pitted dates… Continue reading Cinnamon Date Puree