Summer 2019 Favourites

It has been such a long time since I last wrote a favourites post, and I thought it is now the time to add a more recent one to the blog. Unlike my previous ‘monthly favourites’, I thought I would go for my seasonal summer favourites.

You will probably know that I have just finished my A-levels in June this year, so I am curenlty on a long summer holiday of 3 months. I have managed to fill the first 2 months spectaculary well, and I am quite surprised at how fast the time has gone! So without further a do, here are my summer favourites of 2019, enjoy!


I scream, you scream , we all scream for icecream! I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like ice cream, but what is even better than ice-cream? Ice-cream when you are abroad! Gelato is the king of all ice creams, and this summer, Athens gelato did not let me down! Whilst I tried so many flavours during the seven days I was there, the flavour that came out trumps, was the vegan chocolate orange. It was perfectly balanced, the right richness, the right softness and most importantly eaten with my amazing friends! It was so tasty! I am hoping now I back in England I can find a good enough replica because I forgot just how good the chocolate/orange combo was!


Holiday reading 

After two years of A-level reading, it was so nice to sit down and pick up a story book instead of a science textbook or a pile of revision notes! This summer I had an aim to read a book a week and I think I am still going 9 weeks in, it has been a great challenge and reminded me how much I love reading! Out of all the books I have read, my favourite has been ‘The Island’ by Victoria Hislop, which I read in one day because it was SUCH a page turner! you can find it on Amazon here, but I would recommend just heading to your local library, and you will find Hislop’s whole collection (of which I am now reading all of!)

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 21.22.54.png


I have been luck to be able to borrow a lot of clothes this summer, off my mum especially, I have also begin to realise what an impact on the environment the fashion industry have, therefore I have been determined to consider the reasons why I am buying new clothes! Unfortunately, I don’t fit any of my clothes from last year, so I have had to replace many of my outfits, but I have made sure to pass all of them on to friends or to charity shops, so they can be made use of! I have also made sure to only buy sale items if I really need them out of necessity not out of desire!

Whilst I have learnt a lot about the fashion industry, I am aware I still have a long way to go before I am shopping ‘sustainably’, In the next year I am determined to use charity shops more and fast fashion stores less! In doing so, I have found an app called good for you which rates the sustainability of a company and gives a more sustainable alternative, this I have found interesting and shocking at the same time.

So to conclude, I would like to share my prom dress, which I bought in Lipsy, I chose it because it was in the sale and I needed a dress, and because it is such a lovely colour I know I will wear it again!


App recommendation

You can’t have a great outfit wihtout a great photo, and whilst it is all good having the photo on your camera roll, I love to have a printed version at home, be it in a scrapbook or pinned up on my pin board! Therefore I would like to highlight my favourite app of the summer, freeprints, it is FREE to download and you get 45 FREE phots EVERY month, all you pay is postage! There is no catch, no monthly subscription, just as and when you want to order photos, you can… For free!


Favourite photo

Whilst you have seen my favourite way to print photos, here is one of my favourite photos from my summer! It highlights one of the many laughs I have had with great company and all in all a great summer! This is me posing next to a row of orange trees which were next to the biggest road in Athens which I thought was so cool!


Foodie photo

Whilst we are on the subject of photos, I thought I would give you a glance at my favoruite foodie photo shot of the summer, after all this is a food blog! It may not be Instagram worthy as it is not pretty, but it was the most amazing picnic with the most amazing view with my mum and it is such a special memory!


Now I am a big fan of yoghurts, and I love having them at breakfast time with some fresh fruit and cereal. To me this meal just screams summer! Maybe becuase I associate it with buffet breakfasts at hotels, but anyways, it is certainly one of my favourite all time meals! Sugar content in yoghurt is something I like to be aware of, more so when I know it is a breakfast yoghurt and I will be added cereeal on top of it aswell. You can read an article on sugar content in yoghurt by the BBC here.

Whilst I am a big fan of all the Alpro yoghurts, the oats one I find is particularly great for breakfast, the coconut collaborative have a mango and passionfruit flavour yoghurt, which I am in love with at the moment! I am making the most of this fabulous yoghurt whilst I am still at home, before I head off to university and can no longer afford such tastiness!



Another morning start up, paired with my breakfast is a lovely full mug of hot (but not burning) coffee. I have recently been introduced to the coffee company Percol. Not only does their instant coffee tasts next level, they are a fairtrade company, sustainably sourcing their coffee beans, aiming to become a plastic free business and you don’t need as many granules per much because of it’s strength, and so you get more mugs per coffee jar compared to a bog standard brand! I have been super impressed with this coffee, and I am pretty sure I shall be a lifelong customer to them!

I add enough granules to just cover the base of my mug, add water from the kettle, a splash of cold water and a dash of (plant) milk, perfect!



You certainly can’t have coffee without a great mug, whilst I am a huge fun of fine bone china, there is something about a thick ringed mug that makes coffee taste that little bit nicer!

Therefore, my favourite mug this summer is my Starbucks Athens mug, which I picked up on the way home from my travels in Athens, Greece, a few weeks back. It is the perfect size for a giant cup of coffee and I love it!!



If you know my, I do not go anywhere without a bag full of cereal bars and other foodie supplies, my summer discovery has been graze sea salt and chocolate bars. I knew I already loved Graze’s flapjacks (apart from their high prices) I decided to try a different Graze snack, that was more affordable too! It certainly paid off as these bars are delicious! The only fault I would give them is that they are too small! My mum and I have found these delicious squares in Tesco!

Here is one on the side of a smoothie bowl, as I thought it would be a great addition as I had run out of chocolate!!



Now please don’t judge me on this one! Whilst in Greece with my friends, we discovered the most amazing banana biscuits, whilst I don’t really like foam bananas, I love love love these biscuits, so much I brought several packets home. They are super tasty on their own, but even better dipped in coffee or hot chocolate.

I am now nearing the end of my supply which means it is either time to go back to Athens (no chance!) or time to find a suitable english alternative… In other words it is time to do some research and taste testing!


Plastic free find

I am always on the look for my next sustainable swap, especially when it is going to work out cheaper in the long run as well! When my dentist advised me to start using floss, I knew that there must be a more environmentally friendly version about somewhere! I was super happy when I found Bambaw online at plastic freedom (my happy place) and it works just as well as normal floss! The corn starch floss is biodegradable and comes in a metal tin which you can refill! It is such a great idea!




After doing a fair bit of research trying to find a laptop bag suitable for me and for uni, I came across this brand on Amazon here! Johnny Urban have a great ethos as a company “We want to enable you to make more sustainable buying decisions, without making sacrifices on quality or looks”. The black material of the rucksack is made from 100% recyled plastic bottles, and the brown straps are vegan leather, it looks great and fitd everything I need, this is genuinely one of the BEST purchases I have EVER made! My laptop fits perfectly in the laptop compartment, and my water bottle and everything else I need fits in too!

Screenshot 2019-08-13 at 22.57.18.png

Thank you for reading my summer favorites blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it (and hopefully got some inspiration too!) Much love to all my blog readers,


Instagram: @elfy_living

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