Elfy Living – A Name Change

Now you may be wondering, what on earth has happened to Courgettiblogetti, or you may not be wondering that, but I am still going to explain what has been going on over here!

From courgettiblogetti to Elfy living, this name change for me has been long awaited, over the last 6 months of revision I have been looking forward to the day I can pick up my laptop and start blogging again, under a new name.

Courgettiblogetti has been with me from the start, it certainly hasn’t taken me as far as I’d hoped when I originally set up my blog, but I realised, probably around a year ago, that this name no longer matches the person behind your computer screen. I don’t like the food courgetti, as a matter of fact, I love carbs, I have a sweet tooth so savoury recipes are next to none on the blog, I don’t just blog about food and there are so many more reasons as to why my old name no longer fits me. Elfy living on the other hand does fit me, my surname is Elfes, so it’s nice to have this reflected in my online name, ‘Elfy’ as I hope you have guesses resembles ‘healthy’ as I look at human health overall not solely food, and ‘living’ because life is good, life is exciting, we need freedom in all things, including exercise, food and the kitchen, I want to show my reader that life is worth living, and having a balanced lifestyle can help you achieve this.

I am currently on my third week of no revision, of no school, of my summer life, and quite frankly I couldn’t be happier. Results day lies far away in August and uni life begins in September! I am so excited to go to university to study dietetics, but before I go, I want to make the most of this holiday, probably the longest summer I will have for many, many years to come. I have made a summer to do list which has a range of goals. Every day that passes, I wake up so grateful to be alive and so grateful of my situation. If you are interested here are a few of my to do’s for this 3 month summer:

  • Read a book a week
  • Do a litter pick every week
  • Clear and reorganise my wardrobes
  • Keep my bedroom and bathroom clean and tidy
  • Go for a picnic
  • Research Cardiff ready for uni
  • Finish a colouring book
  • Go camping
  • Be more spontaneous

These are just a few of my plans and goals for summer, writing a list of things I wanted to do in summer was a way I used to motivate myself to revise, simple things such as reading a (non academic) book I have wanted to do for ages, and keeping my room tidy, well not having revision all over my floor and walls helps a lot!

Thanks for reading and welcome to the Elfy family!

Instagram: @Elfy_living

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