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Visiting The Squash Court Cafe

Hidden in the lanes of Wimborne is this gorgeous cafe and home store on the estate of Deans Court. This family run business is full of freshly grown vegetables from their gardens just metres away, the vintage shop is full to the brim with candles, trinckets, locally made products and vintage clothes. Not forgetting the colourful cake selection, vivid salads and and strong smell of coffee coming out the cafe doors.

Deans court inside cafe.png
Inside the cafe

Also known as the Deans Court Cafe, this delightful cafe is a real treat of Wimborne minster. You can view their current menu here which changes month on month to match seasonal fruit and veg which is in all the sweets and savouries! The use of not only freshly grown, but freshly picked groceries adds to the ambience of this sweet cafe, and the bright colours of a homegrown salad, which you know was picked just that morning, you just can’t beat!

Next door to the cafe is a homestore built in a restored squash court belonging to the estate, it’s a building like no other and the items to buy, you just can’t resist. I mean if they sell Chilly’s bottles then they must be special!

Deans court shop trio.png

Not only do they sell a blogger’s dream of backgrounds and crockery, there’s a huge range of stunning jewellery, of which I have to admit I own rather a large collection of!

Anyway, before I get too carried away on the gorgeous store, I should probably mention that I use to work in the cafe, and whilst you may see this as a little bias, in my opinion it only guarantees how amazing this place truly is, having worked in the cafe and homestore, I know how lovely the staff are and the time and effort put in to the delicous range of cakes!

Deans court cake.png
Banana and granola loaf anyone?!

If you have more of a savoury tooth, then no need to panic, whilst you can be sweetly satisfied with a huge slice of cake, the savoury selection does not fall behind. The food is next level cafe, not your standard sandwhich and bag of crisps, but instead a range of quiche and tarts with a vegetarian and vegan option available. Not forgetting the insane paninis filled with chutneys made on-sight! Each item is carefully crafted to taste as fresh as the ingredients used to make it, the quiche’s flavour matches up to the intense brightness of the vegetables within your slice! All well and good, I’m still partial to the homemade falafel, which is made from the leftover juice pulp from the day before, so you’re helping minimise waste with these pockets of mouth-watering goodness at the same time!

The daily choice of juice is also something you should definitely taste! Made with garden ingredients, served over ice with a paper straw, on a hot summer day whilst sitting in the courtyard, I simply couldn’t picture anything more refreshing!

But if you aren’t much of a juicer then you’re in the safe hands of coffee, iced or not, depending on your fancy (and the temperature). Whilst the beans are particularly strong the staff will be more than willing to offer you and single or half-shot to make sure you get the perfect coffee! There is also a range of milks available on request such as almond, soya, skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole, so if you do get the chance to pop in, make sure to check!

Deans court coffee and cake .png
Coffee and cake anyone?

If you only have time to quickly peep in, make sure to take a reusable cup to get your hot drinks discount, and if you fancy a slice of something, it shall be served in a cardboard box, perfect for the environment and to take away!

Before concluding I should probably mention the childrens menu, which is a great range for little eaters, and some of the options I would certainly be happy to eat myself! Whilst The Squash court cafe is a little more expensive than your usual cafe, you know that you’re paying for the freshest produce and the taste is well worth the extra pennies!

If you’re lucky enough to drop by, keep your fingers crossed to meet Rusty the local robin, he isn’t shy and often pops in to the cafe for a look around! If he’s not nosey-ing around in the cafe he’s probably out in the courtyard bathing in the sun which reflects off the white stones, making it the perfect place to sit on a sunny day!

Cake                  ★★★★★
Coffee                ★★★☆☆
Breakfast             ★★★☆☆
Lunch                 ★★★★★
Vegan options         ★★★★☆
Gluten free options   ★★★☆☆
Value for money       ★★★★☆
Sitting space         ★★★★★
Friendliness          ★★★★☆
Location              ★★★★★
Total                 41/50

Thank you for reading my latest Dorset brunch guide edition, if you have any suggestions on whre I should try next, then let me know in the comments down below or over on Instagram @elfy_living . I really hope you get the visit this quirky corner in Wimborne, and if you do, let me know what you think!


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