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Dear Diary, I give up Superfoods

Bee Pollen, Spirulina, Maca, Cacao, Wheatgrass, Beetroot Powder, Matcha, Green tea, Pomegrante, Goji Berries, I had it all.

Drinking matcha tea at a local cafe

It has taken me too long to realise the impacts of superfoods (or lack of them). When I realised the truth, I still kept them, stashed in a cupboard all in ordered glass jars looking a lot nicer than they tasted.

Let’s take maca for example, descriptions say ‘tastes of caramel’, but I’m not so sure. I remember picking up a leaflet of it’s so called super-powers in a health food shop and I was so believing in it all. It maybe an ancient root with magical properties, but if really so special why isn’t it prescribed by GP’s all round the globe? Why aren’t we all told to take a maca tablet daily to get it’s full effect? The truth is, I don’t need Maca anymore, I’m going to take my porridge back.

Porridge without maca!


My good old friend coconut sugar, take a click through my oldest recipes, I’m sure you’ll find this appearing more than once… The clue is in the name Laura, let’s not forget that Biology GCSE you have, sugar is sugar, what ever you belive it is, your digestive system doesn’t care. The truth is, I don’t need coconut sugar to replace all sugar, it does make good caramelised bananas though!  But most importantly, I’m back to happily eating normal brown or white sugar without anything stopping me!

Cakes made with brown sugar!


Matcha powder take your fancy? Matcha lattes, glowing green, luke warm milk, will it really ‘burn fat’ or ‘reduce risks of cancer’? I drank these drinks, behind the smile was a grimmace, what a load of grass blended into a powder. The truth is, I don’t need Matcha powder no more, I think I prefer a coffee or a hot chocolate perhaps…

Matcha frappuccino, I have come a long way since ordering this in Starbucks!


Nutrient dense maple syrup? I stopped using sugar, golden syrup and honey, and started draining my mum’s purse. Did I really belive one teaspoon was going to load me up with a massive hit of ‘natural’ nutrients. I was wrong. Whilst it is composed of a higher amount of micronutrients, the significance to one’s diet, per teaspoon? You’re going to have to eat a lot of maple syrup to get significant nutrients, and then this would come with huge amounts of sugar.  The truth is, I don’t need maple syrup for everthing, it can drizzle over my pancakes from time to time, but it’s baking days in my kitchen are over, I’ll choose sugar next time.

The only food I shall be pouring maple syrup on from now on!


From a sweet syrup to a brightly coloured powder. It’s ‘anti-inflammatory powers’ couldn’t have been better, porridge, and the classic turmeric latte. I had to add so much sweetener to take the reminiscence of curry away, why did I bother? Whilst research into curcumin (a chemical in turmeric) has started to show significant benefirs, it is far from the next antibiotic in the current future, and we would have to eat a lot of curry to see these potentially beneficial effects. The truth is, turmeric can stay in my curry.

A turmeric latte from Sourced Market London, think I’d choose something else now!


Cacoa, probably the ‘super-food’ I used the most and for the longest. ‘Raw cacao powder’, I was obsessed. Making cookies, making mug cakes, smoothies and chocolate porridge. Trying to like cacao nibs, trying them over and over again, eventually convincing myself that they were better than chocolate chips, yeah right. Laura if you’re cooking raw cacao it isn’t raw anymore, you might as well use cocoa, it might save your bank account a little too. The truth is, I don’t need cacao anymore, cocoa has got my back.

A cacao layered dessert, would be just as tasty with cocoa!


A green powder, more vivid than matcha, almost impossible. Spirulina, ‘full of B12’, ‘protein’ and let’s not forget those magic ‘antioxidants’. That B12, human’s can’t absorb it. That protein, from the single teaspoon you’re eating? How about the vile, unforgiving flavour? The truth is, I don’t need spirulina, I’m quite okay with vegetables thanks!

Spirulina vs Vegetables, which would you prefer?


Bee pollen, ‘energising’ yellow grains that smell floral, and of course the amazing Instagram aesthetics. Bee pollen actually contains the saliva of bees, if that isn’t enough to put you off, the imaginings of sweet honey tasting granules you have, well toss them too. Grainy, almost gritty textures, that leaves a powdery texture in your mouth, far from the flavours of honey and blossom I was promised. The truth is, I don’t need Bee Pollen, I’ll be just fine without.

Bee pollen on a maca smoothie, there’s a time and a place and that’s never!

And finally, I realised, what a great load of nonsense I had belived. Dear Diary, I give up superfoods, for good…

Take a read of PlantbasedPixie’s rant, NHS information pages  and this article from delicious magazine if you want some more reading!

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2 thoughts on “Dear Diary, I give up Superfoods”

    1. I’m so glad you’re on the same page! It’s so easy to believe all the claims, which is why it’s so hard to ‘unbelieve’!


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