September Favourites

September to me means all things autumnal, be it flavours, clothes, food and the countdown to Christmas…obviously !

Albi in the heather

Whilst the weather has quickly turned cold, I have changed from a glass of water with my breakfast to hot chocolate, coffee or chai lattes. I have had a warm drink in the early hours whilst revising before school almost everyday. This brings me to my first favourite ~ my mug

My favourite mug, my favourite rediscovery and my favourite book all in one!

If you know me well, elephants are my favourite animal, this Wrendale mug has a perfect fine bone china rim and is just adorable!

And of course you have to fill the mug with something tasty. My favourite hot drink, from when Nourishingyas came to stay, chai has been a firm choice, using T2 tea’s chai selection box has allowed me to test more than one version of chai too which has been so yummy. A sprinkle of cinnamon on top makes the perfect pre breakfast drink.

Mine and Yas’ chai lattes!

But mornings certainly can’t go very far without breakfast! My recent (re)discovery of bagels has meant that my mornings have some what sped up a little! My parents usually complain of the time I take to ‘construct’ my breakfast but toast meant there was nothing for them to criticise!

My bagel post on Instagram
Left – apricot jam Right- avocado, tomato and poached egg

Be it sweet topping, savoury or a mixture of the two I’ve quite enjoyed my new breakfast inventions!

Whilst eating my breakfast I take the chance to read, after loving Ben Goldacre’s first book Bad Science, I’ve started his second book, Bad Pharma. It’s made an interesting read and I can’t wait to finish it.

Morning reading

In this photo you can also see another favourite of this month, my favourite purchase ~ this avocado teddy from Jellycat has made my room a little cuter and brings a little smile to anyone who sees it!

Going back to school has mean my snack game has been on point, recommended by Nikki, these vegan (yes go buy these for any vegan you know!) chocolate hazelnut wafers are insanely tasty, chocolatey and super addictive. I may be a little obsessed with them, even putting them on banana bread for my friends at school!

The best snack
Banana bread, wafers and Albi in his jealousy

From sweet to savoury, my favourite meal has to be PlantbasedPixie’s Aloo dum curry, which I had in a wrap with coconut yoghurt and mango chutney. I had it for dinner and warm and for lunch cold the next day (pictured below). Of course I took it to school in my elephantbox tin!

Beat this for a packed lunch!

My greatest achievement of this month has to be my 100th Parkrun, there shall be another blog post on this and what I’ve learnt soon!

Photo from the parkrun’s photographer
Photo from the parkrun’s photographer

These photos also show my favourite gym leggings of the month from the Sweatybetty sale, the asymmetrical bright pattern adds a great amount of colour to an outfit, though orange is a little hard to match clothes with!

And finally my favourite baking invention – a vegan banana and lotus muffins with a chocolate ganache filling. Of which have been approved my all of my school friends and my parents!

Lotus banana muffin in the garden

Thank you for reading this months favourites post! Let me know if you’ve tried any of my favourites and what you think, or if you have a differing opinion! Keep your eyes out for the lotus banana bread recipe as well as my 100th Parkrun update!


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