July favourites

The hot weather this month has meant no hot breakfasts, lots of salads, and a whole lot of sweet, frozen deliciousness. What a way to bring school to a close!

1- Ice lollies

If you follow me on Instagram you will already know about these. Coconut lollies from Tesco are simply a necessity for your freezer.

2- Breakfast

Whilst porridge will forever be one of my favourite ever breakfast, they are just not for hot weather. I have turned to homemade oatless granola with yoghurt, nectarine, strawberries and peanut butter. This granola I made from crumbled shreddies, banana, lots of cinnamon, oil and a few other bits, and I’ll certainly be posting the recipe soon.

Oatless granola, pip and nut chocolate orange nut butter, rhythm108 bounty bar all to top Alpro dark chocolate yoghurt

3- Chocolate bar

During my parents visit to France, my parents brought me back this bar of chocolate, and my did it disappear quickly!

4- Crisps

Off the beaten path has made an appearance in my life because I liked it’s pretty packaging, but now there’s a constant stock in my cupboard (hidden at the back so my mum can’t find them!)

5- Dinner

Four layered guacamole, recipe courtesy of my amazing uncle, is a layer of refried beans, then guacamole, then sour cream and finally salsa. Apart from having it a long side a few barbecues this month, my sister and I took a massive one to share with a bag of tortilla crisps down to the beach and it tasted just that little bit more incredible!

A tub of the four layered dip, tortilla chips, Chilly’s bottles and the beautiful Sandbanks beach with my sister

6- Yoghurt

From the moment I discovered these dark chocolate Alpro yoghurts I have been in love with them, be it warmed up at custard or as yoghurt topped with nut butter but in this hot weather, eating it semi frozen with fresh fruit to cool down has been my port of call!

7- Nut butter

Pip and nut’s new chocolate orange flavour has BLOWN MY MIND. It is that good. That’s all I need to say.

8- Snacks

Indie Bay Snacks pretzel bites are a dream come true, they are so moreish and the perfect thing to nibble on if you have a salty craving or as a side to a summery dinner.

9- Veggie BBQ food

The month of the barbecue, working in a supermarkets it’s been incredible to see the amount of food being bought for these kind of deals. When it comes to veggie food I’m very particular, I am really not a fan of stuff that tastes or has the texture of meat, but I can’t deal with the mushy vegetable and mashed potato burgers either. Whilst strong roots have had my back for burgers, Marks and Spencer’s butternut squash sausages did not disappoint, impressing my non veggie friends too! I still think the winner has to be halloumi skewers though. Cubes of halloumi, courgette, pepper and tomato make the perfect BBQ side!

9- Book

Whilst I haven’t had much time to read and do school work, as soon as school was out I started reading Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman (watch his TED talk here). Apart from the facts which make you reconsider how you’ve thought about everything, ever, the style of writing is easy to read, plus I feel like I’m still learning stuff whilst not at school!

10- Outfit

H&M’s new jungle print collection is so nice. Apart from the fact my mum didn’t like the play suit when I tried it on, the long trousers make me feel amazing! Put some heels and Zanna van Dijk’s Nuts about Nut butter black top with it and evening outfit is sorted!

11- Gym kit

Whilst I don’t always agree with the statements made by Sweaty Betty (eg: no ache no cake) their kit is insanely good quality, lasts forever and is extremely pretty. So when a 50% sale comes up I couldn’t really say no!

Featuring the garden cat!

12- Gym class

So my love for LesMills BodyPump hadn’t died, but the introduction to BodyStep has changed my weekly routine. I’m actually in love, so whilst I don’t have any photos of me in stepping action here’s a little reminder that you can feel like a superhero!

13- Music

The new BodyPump 106 release has introduce me to Stargazing by Kygo, although it may not be my usual music taste I know every word and this cool down track song is constantly in my head!

Album cover

Thank you so much for reading this favourites post, if you have tried any of these food items before let me know what you think in the comments below, or if not what would be your favourite from that category?

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3 thoughts on “July favourites”

  1. loved reading about your favourites! I bought that pip & nut chocolate orange almond butter when I was in England and omg it really is that good – half the tub is already gone and I’m regretting not buying more!


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