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May Favourites

What a month, the 5th month of 2018, exams began, exams ended, sun, days on the beach, days avoiding the rain, Albi being ill, Albi getting better and a whole lot of strawberries and chocolate!

First off we have drinks, from the hot weather comes cold drinks, Marks and Spencers Mexican Lime and Lemongrass Presse is amazing over cold ice. Although it may seem a little expensive, when it’s bought in the meal deal as a two pack, it really is worth it!

Lunchboxes, if you know me, or if you don’t know me you might have guessed I’m a sucker for tuppawear, but elephant box have changed me, with their beautiful ethos and gorgeous designs, this is by far my favourite lunch container! Featuring my chilly’s water bottle available locally at Deans court!

Oatcakes are usually seen as dry old things, but these berry and seed ones by Nairns are just delightful. In a little packet perfect for transport on the go, covered in nut butter, my yoghurt dip, or crumbled over smoothies. These are so good!

Savoury snacks for me are quite an unusual choice, but these were genuinely delicous. I have such a sweet truth so I avoided these for ages, but after lingering in my cupboard in the kitchen for a while, when I finally tried them I quite surprised myself

may favourites 1

Every day that goes past, I love coffee even more, but when Lidl brought in Beanies coffee variety sachets, 12 different flavours of coffee in 12 days let me try lots of new coffee tastes, although not all of them tasted like their names, they were all still delicious, my favourite has to be coconut delight though!

Welsh cakes are a genuis invention, I discovered them on Cardiff Met Uni open day and I’m actually obsessed. I could probably tell you they are so much better in Wales, but most large supermarkets have given them a pretty good shot! Try them warm with chocolate icecream, as a snack or with lots of fruit.

Mini coconuts, or coquitos, are probably the most adorable food I have found to exist. As a gift from fruitsandroutes, via Koro these have an extra special meaning too. They do actually taste of coconut, and are really great with berries and chocolate, you just have to open them up with a nut cracker!

Frozen cherries have been a great discovery this month, found in Lidl with other frozen fruits, these are affordable as so easy to store as long as you have a freezer! From cherry compote, cherry porridge, stirred in to yoghurt or as a toast topped, they are so handy to have nearby. I am currently trying to cut down on non-recylable plastic so buying fresh cherries from the greengrocers and de-stoning them and then freezing them in tuppawear is the way to avoid this.

Next is chocolate, possibly my favourite food. At Easter my grandmas gave me these Cocoalibre chicks chocolates, they taster just like milk chocolate, but look even cuter! Whether on they’re own, on porridge, pancakes or dropped in to the bottom of a mug of hot chocolate to melt, these are so delicious !

Cake: two of my friends had a birthday this month which was an excuse for two cakes. I made one marbled tahini, coffee and chocolate cake

And one batch of cupcakes which were vegan and cappuccino flavoured topped with coffee chocolates.

I couldn’t choose a favourite so I had to add both! The recipe for the cupcakes will be up soon. The marbled cake is from BBC GoodFood.

Recipe, in the hot weather, I updated my cocoa-nut ice recipe and me and my family fell back in love with this discovery from last summer. The addition of berries made them just that little bit better!

Crisps, oh my goodness these vegetable tortillas from the coop are insane, these are incredible just on their own, but match perfectly with guacamole and veggie chilli or practically any savoury dish!

Finally, clothes, as a celebration to finishing exams, my mum brought me some socks, and although this may sound like an odd present, these were made by Bamboo Clothing, or BAM, and are so soft. Hopefully these might stop my blisters but I haven’t tested this theory yet.

Thank you for reading my May favourites blog, if you have tried any of these already let me know what your opinions were, and if not, let me know if you manage to get hold of them in the future and give them a try! Drop a comment down below or on social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) @courgettiblogetti.

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