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March Favourites

March has been full of highs and lows, from the magical falling of snow to the over load of school work, as the third month of 2018 draws to a close, and the amount I love to write this type of blog post, I could come to only one conclusion, another favourites blog; sharing my favourite things so other people can try them too.

First up we have a hot drink, this Whittards Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate has been my saving grace through the chilly months, it is just so delicious, it’s vegan if you’re wondering, but it’s just pure amazing. It makes for delicous porridge too!

peanut butter chocolate
Photo from Whittard

Next up is coffee, and I know technically that’s the same category as above, but these are my rules so… This Little’s vanilla coffee I have raved about so much over on Instagram. As someone who’s only recently started to love coffee, it’s not too strong and the vanilla flavour is just right! I like it topped with frothed milk (I used soya in this picture) and some chocolate flakes from The Cotswold Chocolate Company

My coffee on a snowy day in Dorset!

Since discovering a pot of Dorset Dairy Co yoghurt in my local greengrocers a few weeks back, I’ve been loving their yoghurt! And no it’s not vegan, but I’ve come to terms with veganism, and I don’t want to restrict away from the foods I love. This is AMAZING with a berry compote and some granola! But I also (pictured) tried it on crumpets with blueberry syrup which was rather scrumptious.

Picture from my instagram @courgettiblogetti

Up next is crumpets! The above picture is one of many breakfasts I’ve had this month of crumpets, as I have only recently rediscovered my love for them. These sourdough crumpets from Waitrose toast so well compared to the others and just have the edge on taste too!

Dark chocolate rice cakes have been a key part of March for me, dipped in nut butter this is the dream snack, I couldn’t fault it, I have found the best chocolate to rice ratio comes from Kallo. Not forgetting the fact you get eight in a packet compared to six like other packets!

Next up, I thought I should probably add something savoury, so here we are! I found a bottle of Biona Organic Worcester Sauce at the back of the cupboard (as you do) and tried it. It is amazing! It goes really well with some cooked rice, or added in whilst frying tofu! It’s a balance of spice and acidicness that I love!

As recommended by Nourish Yas, I tried Clearspring Miso this month, and my oh my it’s insane! I found it reduce in a store so there were no excuses really, and I’ve been obsessed ever since, whether stirring it in hummus, spreading it on oatcakes or roasting vegetables in it, even my parents have loved it!

Microwave meals, it’s been a long time since I’ve had one of these, but since school work has picked up and I have a new job, this is perfect for a busy night, funnily enough I only chose it for the miso (see above) but I’ve had it three more times since! This Marks and Spencers noodles packet, my saving grace, is composed of fresh vegetables, noodles and a spicy miso sauce. The vegetables maintain the right amount of crunchy-ness and the noodles are chewy and yummy, not forgetting the incredible flavour!

On to less edible things comes sport, you may or may not know I pulled a muscle back in January which has limited me to what exercise I have been doing for the last two months, but I have finally been for my first run, in what feels like forever, the cool air in my face and music loud through my headphones, I feel so good to be back!

From my Instagram @courgettiblogetti wearing all Nike

Last, but not least is my spotlight blogger, Emma from Fruitsandroutes has been on my blog before, but not on my monthly favourites, she has really inspired me this month to try new foods and create more recipes! Emma has been honest on her Instagram page (@fruitsandroutes) sharing her story, and I admire her for her bravery, go check out her page if you haven’t already!

Thank you so much for reading this and let me know what you think! If you’ve friend any of these products, let me know what your opinion is in the comments below, on Instagram @courgettiblogetti, or Facebook and Twitter @courgettiblog. Thank you!


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