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Visiting Le Petit Prince

The masters of sourdough and strong coffee, these guys have a menu forced to be reckoned with. From homemade muesli and yoghurt to heavenly cinnamon swirl bread, these guys are certainly worth a visit. They cater for veggies and vegans easily, with oat and soya milk at hand. The sourdough and granary bread is just delightful, so if you’re ever near by, you simply have to pop in!

Photo courtesty of Petit Prince

I have visited numerous times, but I’m still working my way through the menu, so far, my favourite has been the avocado, peanut butter and balsamic glaze toast (The Prince’s Little Toast), its name sounds crazy but it’s just magnificent!

The Princes Little Toast from my instagram @elfy_living

My mum tried the Fruit and Nut Yoghurt which was in fact rather yummy, but I definitely chose better!

Something you simply MUST try if you ever visit, is the cinnamon bread, layers of sweet cinnamon folded into a light and fluffy dough, it falls apart as you eat it, and is so moreish! It is so delicous it doesn’t need to be dipped in anything, it is perfect just on it’s own, warmed up a little..

Cinnamon swirl bread, photo from petit prince

Although I have not managed to pull myself away from the amazing menu quite yet, the patisserie fridge is a thing of beauty, with layers of delicately decorated desserts and intricate patterns, it’s a marvel. I look forward to trying the hazelnut praline layered dessert!

petit prince pat
Photo from tripadvisor

If you are more of a savoury person then the choices don’t end here, the ‘Magic Beans’ option of spiced butterbeans with pepper and spinach, hummus, cucumber, sesame slaw all served on the scrumptious freshly-made toasted granary bread is fantastic. Another great choice is ‘Happy Little Prints’, composing of grilled coconut halloumi with thai mayonnaise, asian slaw, coriander and rocket on freshly-made and toasted ciabatta bread.

Let’s not forget the all important coffee, I have to ask for a 1-shot coffee in here as it’s super strong, but the taste is lovely, and they are happy to fill up your reusable cup too! If you’re visiting in the warmer months then you simply must ask for the iced chai latter, it simply revolutionised chai flavours for me, and is stil the best one I have ever had!

The staff are super friendly in here and are always happy to help, but the cafe is constantly busy, with people flowing through the door all the time. The buzz is wonderful and you can never fail to make a conversation!

Cake                 ★★★★★
Coffee               ★★★★☆
Breakfast            ★★★★☆
Lunch                ★★★★★
Vegan options        ★★★☆☆
Gluten free options  ★★☆☆☆
Value for money      ★★★★☆
Sitting space        ★★★☆☆
Friendliness         ★★★★★
Location             ★★★★☆
Total                39/50

Thank you for reading my Dorset Brunch Guide, if you ever try out one of my recommended food stops let me know what you think! Also, if you ever see another cafe you reckon I should try out, leave a comment telling me all about it!

Much love

– Laura

Instagram: @elfy_living

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