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The Thirsty Bird

The Thirsty Bird is based is in Wimborne with a partned deli down the road ‘the Hungry Bird’. Strong coffee and a wonderful range of foods on the menu, this cafe is a place of many yummy things. Not forgetting, it’s dual purpose as a wine bar in the evening (not that I’ve been, but my parents recommend it!)

thirsty bird.jpg
My first ever matcha, I wasn’t keen but I was so excited to find matcha in Dorset!

With gorgeous decor, comfy seats and a wonderful aroma of coffee drifting throughout, this cafe really has a special buzz. I have visited countless times, and enjoyed almost the whole menu!

My absolute go to choice is the sourdough bagel with goats cheese and onion chutney, the bagels are heavenly and the flavour combination is just right! Not too light or too heavy, and the balance is just perfect! Served with a little rocket on the side, and considering I really dislike rocket, it’s the nicest rocket I’ve ever found.

The sourdough bagel with a soya cappuccino

The light that pours through the front window, lifts up the whole room, with an upstairs too, there’s always a space to squeeze in! They also offer savoury platters for dinner which I am yet to try, but the recently added vegan one I certainly need to try.

The avocado toast isn’t bad either! (with a half drunk soya latte)

My parents love it in here too, so much so, for my dad’s Christmas present I gave him a voucher to spend there! The staff are always so lovely and friendly, they’re easy to chat to and very welcoming, however busy or quiet. The bright room is just such a lovely place to eat brunch.

Looking on to the high street through the front window

The Thirsty Bird is also dog friendly, a big win in my eyes. With an optional dog pen in the corner for when your four legged friend pesters you whilst eating due to it’s love of food, which I think is brilliant! Wimborne is always full of dogs, so it’s lovely to see them come in and out this delightful cafe, however, don’t be put off if you aren’t a big fan of our four legged friends, you could opt for an upstairs table or the high-up stools where you won’t be disturbed.

Not your average teapot, mug and milk!

Catering for all dietary requirements, using local produce and companies as suppliers, I really couldn’t recommend it enough, the handmade vegan treats range from chocolate key lime pie to brownies which are truly srumptious. However if you’re not vegan, the salted caramel brownies are insane, they are super gooey and made to perfection! I ate mine to fast to get a picture though…

-Insert an image of a gooey vegan brownie here-

Overall, if you are stopping off for a one time visit, get a sourdough bagel, a salted caramel brownie and a coffee to go. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll simply have to return to try out the rest of the menu. The Hungry Bird deli is the perfect place to buy some rather unusual ingredients whether it’s for your kitchen or as a funky gift, things like their apple syrup or dark chocolate hot chocolate would do the trick perfectly! This place is without a doubt a truely amazing Dorset cafe.

Cake                 ★★★★☆
Coffee               ★★★★☆
Breakfast            ★★★★★
Lunch                ★★★★★
Vegan Options        ★★★★★
Gluten free options  ★★★★☆
Value for money      ★★★☆☆
Sitting space        ★★★★★
Friendliness         ★★★★★
Location             ★★★★☆
Total                44/50

Thanks for reading my #dorsetbrunchguide, if you have any other ideas for where I can visit next, or an opinion on any of the cafe’s I’ve already tried, let me know in the comments below.

– Laura x

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