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Visiting Coffee Saloon

I have to say, coffee saloon is a hidden secret of Dorset, these (currently) five tiny cafes, scattered along the south coast are just magnificent, not forgetting a sixth store, where you can get all important barrista training! This place would probably be my go to number one, if anyone asked me where to go. I’ve visited countless times and collected many of their loyalty cards.

coffe saloon 3.jpg
Iced vanilla coffee with an energy ball

If you were to have one thing from coffee saloon is simply MUST be their banana bread, toasted so the outside is crispy and the middle is deliciously warm.

coffe saloon 5.jpg
Post-parkrun, cappuccino for my uncle, iced coffee for me, and the all important banana bread

The next best food from here is the savoury muffin. Now if you’re like me, and the quote from Miranda comes to mind, don’t worry, these are genuinely delicous and I would have one for lunch any day! I’d recommend the sweet potato flavour! I’m always so excited to have the banana bread instore, I ask to take one of these home, where I toast it and eat it for lunch!

Photo from Coffee saloon (as I always end up eating these before I take a photo!)

Along with my two favourite foods from here, there is a fantastic range of other tasty recipes, there are always great gluten free finaciers (my dad’s go to) along with decadent chocolate orange brownies and not forgetting the homemade granola!

coffee saloon 1.jpg
In the Canford Cliff gardens with a cappuccino for me and a flat white for mum

Of course, the most important part of this cafe is the coffee, although probably not my favourite coffee ever, it’s still pretty darn good. If it’s a cold day, I’d usually go for a cappuccino, but if it’s warm or I’ve just finished parkrun, I always go for the iced coffee. If you do go for the iced coffee, make sure to ask for it blended, I think it tastes nicer!

coffee saloon 7.jpg
Post-parkrun visit with my australian uncle!
coffee saloon 4.jpg
Hats off to coffee saloon for these biodegradable cups too!

All in all, the rustic decor, beautiful chalkboard menu, scrumptious food, great coffee and dog-welcoming cafe is perfect. For a morning out, breakfast, brunch, lunch, post-dog walk warm up, coffee and cake or an afternoon visit, if you ever get the chance pop in, get it to takeaway, and then eat and drink with the view of the sea (unless it’s raining…)

Albi and his takeaway from coffee saloon on Poole Quay

If you ever get the chance to visit please let me know what you think! Or if you find any other yummy cafes in Dorset, I’ll head there and add it to my Dorset Brunch guide!

– Laura

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