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Hangry Review


I have to admit, before I’d even tried these bar, they definitely have the award for the best name! The packaging stands out so well! The box of six they come in, is also brilliantly designed! Coming in three flavours, I thought I’d take you through the taste of each one, so you can decide whether to do the same yourself! I have ranked them in order, from my least favourite to most favourite! Let me know what you think in the commments below – Laura x

3 – Cranky Cocoa

I thought this may be my favourtie, as I love anything chocolate, but the berry one came out in front! I love the name of this one though!

Consistency: Not too curmbly, so perfect if you’re on a journey, not too chewy either

Texture: Doesn’t taste as dry, crunchy cacao nibs

Appearance: Slightly darker than the plain one, as it’s cocoa.

Taste: Good hints of cocoa, not too sweet, the nuttiness from the oats and nuts comes through well. However you really have to like the taste of cacao nibs for this one, I’m not a fan and in my opinion this would taste be amaizng with drak chocolate chips instead!

Score: 4/10

2 – Original Nutter

Although the ‘plain’ flavour, I thought this bar was pretty tasty. Perhaps if it had spices like cinnamon in, it may have been my favourite!

Consistency: Gets tastier with every bite, holds together well

Texture: No crunch like the cocoa one, quite smooth to eat

Appearance: Pale in colour, as you expect of ingredients like oats and dates

Taste: Lovely sweetness and slight nuttiness, could do with perhaps a hint of cinnamon. Strong taste of dates though, I love this but others might not. Goes very well when dipped in hot chocolate though!

Score: 6/10

1 – Berry the range

My favourite out of all of them turned out to be the one I thought I would like the least! The zingy berry flavour was just perfect, loved it!

Consistency: Like the others, it holds together well, doesn’t crumble like many oat-based snacks on the market

Texture: No crunchy fruit seeds which is the main thing I was looking for from this flavour, nice smooth texture. To be that little bit yummy-er it could have an end dipped in dark chocolate, but it’s pretty good how it is!

Appearance: Obviously a red berry bar due to it’s pigment, looks similar to the other too with oats as the main ingredient.

Taste: The balance of sharpness and sweetness was perfect, nutty hints came through at the end. The date flavour not as strong as the plain one, which is nice to mix it up (and compared to most cereal bars on the market).

Score: 9/10!

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