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January Favourites 2018

As January swiftly comes to a close, I have picked some of my monthly favourites to highlight some new discoveries from January!



As you may or may not have noticed, I have just changed the photo for my blog. This incredible photo taken by my dad, is down in devon, I’m infact in the sea in this photo, with a beautiful double rainbow behind me! I just couldn’t believe how gorgeous this photo is and makes a great change from the one I had previously.

Savoury Snacks:

These two cripsy snakcs are so good! The packaging intised me into buying the ones pictured on the left, but they were so worth it. The texture and flavour is just perfect, I can’t wait to try the other varieties from this amazing company, as they sound amazing! I found them in Sainsubry’s and will certainly be returning for more. On the right is my new flavour of hippeas, a bit like the normal barbercue flavoured crispy but  ten times nicer! Hippeas have nailed this one, but is it just me who’s still confuse how to puff a chickpea…

Sweet Snacks:

My next two are pretty different to each other, on the left I have a new discovery of mochaccino fruity and nut mix. Composed of chocolate coffee beans, coffee soaked raisins, cranberries, cashews and dark chocolate, if you are a coffee lover, this is the one for you! On the right I had a remodel of my usual apple nachos, and swapped the apple slices for orange instead. In this picture I have drizzled meridian chocolate and peanut butter as well as smooth meridian peanut butter, topped with crumbled shreddies, the perfect snack.


On the left, from my new cookbook by Anna Jones, I had the sushi bowl. This meal was so different to anything I have ever had before, which is why it has make it to my January shortlist. Although, I may not ever make this again, I will certainly be using sushi rice more often, especially with this amazing orange dressing! On the right we have a much more layed back supper, my new toasted sandwhich machine is just heaven, I have had so many amazing creations with it. Featured is my rye bread toastie, filled with mashed avocado, cranberry & orange stuffing balls and hummus, so good!

Bircher breakfast recipe:

I have discovered the most incredible new bircher muesli recipe, inspired my Jaimie Oliver. It’s the perfect morning meal for me, as I just make it in tuppawear the night before and pick it up on the way out the house! This recipe (in my opinion) is just so perfect and I want everyone to try it becuase it makes me very happy indeed!



I have never ever experienced the magic of waflles till this year. Experimenting with my new machine has meant a lot of tasty trial and error, but I have had such a great time, and my first recipe is finally up!


After having an acciendent with a bottle of Jarr kombucha exploding over me, I was sent a crate of 6 large bottles and oh my goodness, I couldn’t have been happier. Although too vinergar-y for my parents I enjoyed every last sip. And wow I just love this drink! Over ice especially, It’s so refrshing and the perfect balance of ginger! Yum!

Winter running outfit:

me and mum parkrun.jpg

Although not food, I thought this was pretty relatable, I had this photo taken with my mum as she finally got her parkrun 50 t-shirt! I always struggle to find the perfect temperatre whilst running in the cold, either too many layers and you overheat, or too little and you freeze, but on this very muddy parkrun down in Devon, I finally got it spot on! Headband from decathlon, Parkrun t-shirt, and sketchers memory foam shoes.

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