Happy New Year

The start of January marks new beginnings for a large proportion of the nation, whether it’s a new diet, joining the gym, aiming to spend more time with someone or simply being a better version of themselves, I find it a strange atmosphere. Questions like, what’s your new years resolution? Or what are you changing this January? Pop up frequently in many a conversation at the beginning of the new year.

This year, I didnt even think about a ‘new year new me’, I hadn’t even realised till someone asked me what my resolutions were. Are new years resolutions really all they crack up to be?

Instead, I have decided to spread some light over on instagram through the hashtags of #newme, #2018goals and #detoxdiets. After turing 17 on the 6th of January, I put up a giveaway with some of my highlights from 2017 inside. From my first feature over at prana protein, tasting the amazing Rhythm108 biscuits, joining a new gym and developing a love for coffee just to name a few.

Instead of focusing on the negatives about myself and the year that’s just past, I thought I would share a few highlights and to have a look at what I have accomplished in the last 365 days! For why look at the things that we don’t like when we’re looking past the things we love?

• Started up my very own blog

• Made great friends through the help of social media

• Becominh a much more independent young women, with many visits to London, experiencing culinary deliciousness and sharing these moments with special people!

• Getting stronger week by week, physically and mentally

• Parkrun PB’s

• Realising contact lenses make you run faster…

• Discovering new and exciting foods

• Making new friends through the gym and running.

• Learning to love exercise even more

• Appreciative nature’s strength when visiting Sicily on holiday

• Completing my GCSE’s

• Starting to understand what effects plastic can have on the environment and starting to bring my family in on this too, buying a reusable coffee cup and recycling as much as we can

• Declining superfood brands advertisements instead of accepting the claim to fame on their websites in order to simply expand my blog. And realising that superfoods have NO proof that they’re going to help us!

Starting a new year isn’t easy, navigating through ‘detox’ diets and the newest ‘superfood’ not forgetting the latest workout. I recently posted this post on my instagram feed;


This quote really brought home to me how easily people can be mislead at any time, not just at the beginning of a new year. As much as I hope to be a dietitian when I’m older, I know my message is not going to reach everyone, but this is why I have a blog, a twitter account, an instagram account and the support of so many lovely people here, to spread the word as far as I can.

January sometimes gets people down, but try and give someone a smile whilst walking down the street, or simply invite some friends round that you haven’t seen in a while. Make the most of every moment, we all have ups and downs, but a smile a day, may just make someone’s day!

I hope you can spread the smile today or tomorrow, or for the rest of the year. Thank you so much for your support, it means the world!

– Laura

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter : @courgettiblog

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