A Sicilian Food and Travel Diary (Part 3)

Continuation of part one and two of my Sicilian adventure

After a week in the Aeolian Islands on a yacht, the following two weeks we stayed in a beautiful villa on the coast.

Day 15

Breakfast was just as good as every other day. Vanilla yoghurt, fresh fruit, dates, seeds, nut butter and cornflakes with frozen strawberries this time too!

breakfast 1

This was another day of rest in at the villa, with lots of swimming, reading and sleeping! For lunch I had lots of leftovers and discovered the most amazing coconut juice! (don’t know how or why it’s a juice, but it was sooo good).

coconut juice.png

For dinner, my sister and I were cooking. I went for a ratatouille style dish, with a few adjustments I hope to be posting a recipe on soon. My sister made some insane garlic bread to go on the side!

Before the sauce was added and cooked

Day 16

Amazing fresh fruits just like every day so far for breakfast, why is fruit so much nicer when you’re abroad!?

breakfast 2.png

We headed down in to our local town later in the morning to a coffee shop (which became our favourite cafe of the holiday). After learning from my last mistake of asking for a mocha, I had a latte macchiato – stained milk – (a latte in England), and my mum’s cappuccino was so beautiful!

After our coffee we went to visit Collesano, a town which the old car race ‘Targa Florio‘ was based and now has a museum. We drove along some of the winding old race road up to Castelbuono a beautiful hill top town (and another chance for gelato). In my opinion the BEST GELATO of the holiday!

best gelato.png

In the gelato shop, we also tried their pannetone and traditional spread Manna, which is the most mouth wateringly scrumptious thing you’ll ever eat! I also bought an almond block that you can make milk with which I’m excited to try!

In the evening, my auntie, uncle and cousins arrived from england, making the villa full to the brim with laughter and smiles! We had another barbecue, and of course…. Watermelon!!

Day 17

Up early for a meditation (guided by the app Calm), a 15 minute HIIT and a cool down swim pre-breafast. Which was….. Fresh fruit, vanilla yoghurt, seeds, nut butter, dates and cornflakes!

breakfast 3

Another day by the pool and chilling with family all around.

For dinner we went out to another restaurant near the villa. I chose a pizza with tomato, mozzerella and pistachio pesto… YUM! For pudding a lovely lemon sorbet served in a lemon skin.

Day 18

Another trip in to Trabia to buy more food supplies! I chose coconut yoghurt to mix up my breakfasts just a little bit.

breakfast 4.png

We all had leftover pizza from the meal the night broke with some salad, we had another day chilling by the pool. For a snack I used up my final nakd bar of the holiday, but had it frozen to cool down in the Sicilian sun.

frozen carrot cake.png

Dinner was lovingly cooked by my auntie and cousin, for starter we had gazpacho soup, for main I was served a stuffed aubergine topped with crispy breadcrumbs and a side of hasseelback potatoes and salad and pudding was roasted bananas with dark chocolate. (YUUUUMMMM!)

Day 19

After a couple of days in the villa, I was ready for an outing. After a latte macchiato (back in Nicholas Cafe) and three hours of sorting a parking fine, my dad, my sister and I headed back to Cefalú, a place which we had loved earlier in the holiday. After the finally sorting the palaver of the ticket, we were super hungry for lunch. Down a little side street there was a lovely restaurant down a side street. I had the BEST PASTA I have ever ever eaten, and I didnt even take a photo because it was too good. It was called ‘penette alla norma’ and included aubergine and a fantastic tomato sauce. We walked down to the sea front and after a dip in the sea, we went to a juice and smoothie bar where I had apple, pineapple, lemon and coconut milk.


Day 20

After falling in love with Castelbuono (day 16) we returned, and for breakfast I had… gelto in a brioche (sugar overload but well worth it)

brioche gelato.png

Whilst we were there, an annual running race was being set-up, and I have put it on my bucket list to complete one day! It looked like a challenge, but a definitely a good one. After admiring the town, we drove back to Caccamo to meet my grandparents for lunch. Still full of brioche I had a light salad and then…more gelato!!! I felt a little guilty after a total of 5 ice cream scoops in a day, but what are holidays for?

run in history
I hope to run this one day!

After realising that all the shops were closed, we headed back to the villa. I did a HIIT session in the pool because it was scorching. It was harder than I expected but so nice to mix things up!

Just before heading to bed, we experienced an electric storm (thunderstorm with no thunder!). It was an incredibly strange sensation, but beautiful to watch!

Electric storm.png

Day 21

The pneultimate day of our Sicilian adventure, was just perfect. I went for my first ever sea swim with my dad, which was an experience. My dad got stung by a jelly fish and I got a little freaked out, but it made me realise how much I miss swimming! Post-swimming breakfast was divine, my dad and I shared a massive smoothie of banana with strawberries, coconut yoghurt and dates, topped with more strawberries as well as granola, coconut macaroons and seeds and it was so tasty (we were both super hungry post-swim)! We also had mashed avocado on rye bread with poached eggs, yum.

Best breakfast.png

Late morning my cousin made rice flour pancakes, which were sooo tasty and I covered mine in peanut butter (of course). For lunch I headed back down in to Trabia for the pneultimate gelato with my grandma, two cousins, sister and dad. I went for coffee and chocolate (winning combo right there) and it was the second best of the whole holiday!

To celbrate the end of our holiday, we returned to our favourite nearby restaurat (l’ulivo) I had an incredible pizza followed by a dark choclate gelato block with an orange centre.

l'ulivo pizza.png

Day 22

Up bright and early, after a morning walk with my aunt, it was time to leave. I had my overnight cornflakes (there were no oats in Siciliy) in the car.

Overnight cornflakes.png

To break up the car journey we stopped at a service station where I found an iced chocolate and coconut drink to keep cool in the car.

coconut drink

Our fairwells were sent to mount Etna, we had eaten our last gelato in the airport. Ciao Sicilia, see you in the future.


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–  Laura x

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