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Pimp your salad

When it comes to salad, so many people think of a plate of lettuce, and the thing is so far from the truth! I love adding as many colours as possible to my lunches, from fruits to veggies to seeds and nuts. Here I have added a few (maybe surprising) ingredients to make sure your lunches stay zingy and yummy, and that no salad is ever boring again!

Enjoy and don’t forget to show me your creations in the comments or on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @courgettiblog


Adding strawberries, grapes, apple or orange are my favourites to use. They add different textures and a fresh taste as well as brightening up your lunch time.

My Summer Slaw
Salad served in Sicily


If I told my sister to put seeds on her salad it wouldn’t go down very well. But adding a bit of crunch, from seeds like sunflower, sesame or pumpkin is another way to not only add new flavours to your salad but also a small bit of plant based protein too. Try toasting them in a dry pan to get a more nutty, deep taste!

I buy these mixed seeds in Grape Tree, the cheapest I’ve found!

Dried fruits

Cranberries, apricots, raisins, dried apple pieces and chopped dates are my top five dried fruits. I alternate between all of these to mix things up, they add an almost juicy taste and a new textrure. If you leave them overnight in your salad they absorb the marinade too and taste even nice!

Morrocan spiced couscous filled with dried cranberries, raisins and dried apricots.


Many people picture a salad boring and plain, but think of them as ‘healthy’, what’s the point of eating something you don’t enjoy becuse you class it as ‘healthy’ but in actual fact you’ll probably be hungry soon after? I like to think of my salads as a delicous and nourishing meal that I absolutely love, my lunches are super tasty and NEVER boring or unappetising! By adding in carbohydrates, you won’t get hungry within the hour, and it tastes great too. My favourites include, crispy potato cubes, quinoa, pasta, couscous, rice, sweet potato wedges, croutons, toasted pitta bread, leftover potato wedges or tortilla chips.

Tortilla chips are so tasty with salad, these are super crunchy and nicely salted. I found these in the reduced section in TESCO.
Red rice salad with cashews, peas, roasted vegetables, pumpkin seeds and a tahini dressing.

Other leaves

As much as I love a bit of iceberg lettuce, mixing up leaves used adds more variety of colour. I like adding white cabbage, spinach leaves and/or baby gem alongside my colourful salad!

A full lunch box, salad and (TESCO) hummus on the bottom layer, and an orange, Nairns chocolate astro bites and a salad dressing on the top.

Extra vegetables

The title may sound a bit stupid because, well, a salad is made of vegetables! Try changing up your lunches but throwing in some baby sweet corn, edamame beans, peas, normal sweetcorn, cooked green beans or your left over roast vegetables from the night before…YUM!

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