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September Favourites

As 2017 is zooming by, I feel it’s time to summarise my current favourites. I have writen about things from food and fitness to beauty and shoes!


Make up/ Cosmetics

On my last trip to London, I HAD to buy this, just because of the smell. Vanilla and coffee is probably my all time favourite combo to eat, so this face scrub was made for me. Optiat (one’s persons trash is another’s treasure) have a fantastic range and I can’t wait to try more!


Aldi is my current favourite place to go to shop with my mum. From Almond milk to peanut butter to sweet chilli pea crisps to frozen fruit, they have the best deals for vegan and vegetarian snacks! Not forgetting their pecan pie bars, macadamia and coconut bars as well as cheap soya milk!

Plant based milk

Rice or brown rice milk is my new discovery! It has a natural sweetness (which I love) and is just – in my opinion – THE BEST milk to add to coffee, Especially when making an iced coffee! Or drink from a glass….

Gym class

Body pump, without a doubt is my current favourite. I count down the days till I can go again, I have a great instructor, and I love pushing myself to great music! And the new release number 103 is a great mix up.


Once in a while, new trainers are just compulsory, so when my beloved trainers eventually gained a hole where my toes were, I had to move on. I currently have replace one pair for two: one outdoor and one indoor, due to the insoles I have, I’m still trying to get used to them, but these adidas shoes are so narrow, which is brilliant for my super skinny feet!

Off to the gym (don’t worry I’m not taking Albi!)


Guess what, it’s not gym kit! Just kidding, of course it is… Since visiting an outlet village which had a Lululemon, I have been obsessed with this outfit! It’s perfect for Body pump, body balance, yoga and spin too!

Hot drink

Chai tea, mixed spices and flavours of autumn, so good. I’ve tried many varieties but I always come back to Waitrose own . Whatever the season, I love it! Even though I’m not a fan of normal tea at all, there’s something about Waitrose chai tea.


My dad is a doctor, and as you may know, I hope to be a dietitian when I’m older, so he thought I’d like this book after he’d given it a go! Although it’s taken me a long time to read, the statistics are shocking and astounding to learn about. I would definitely recommend to anyone, even if they don’t want to follow a career in science, to read it. ‘Bad Science’ by Ben Goldacre really does reveal how gullible most of us are towards the media!

Nut butter

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll probably guess this, but since I won 6 tubs of Pip and nut chocolate, chocolate coconut hazelnut butter, I am obsessed! It’s so runny, perfect off the spoon, in yoghurt, on smoothie bowls, on banana bread, on banana, on toast, on porridge, in chocolate mousse, this list would go on forever! It’s simply divine. (I even have an overnight oats recipe dedicated to it here)

Chocolate smoothie, chocolate granola and choconut nut butter. Breakfast made right!
Peanut pancakes with allllll the toppings!
The perfect overnight oats storer!


Registered nutritionist Laura Thomas (and I’m not biased by her name) is debunking food myths left, right and centre. Her podcast ‘Don’t salt my game’ is fantastic, and I love walking the dog and listening to rants and facts and interesting stories as she interviews professionals on all kinds of topics!


Come late summer and early autumn blackberries are in abundance. I’m not a big fan of these berries straight off the bush, but cooked and sweetened I love! Lately, going blackberry picking has been a kind of mindfulness, it’s just so relaxing. Blackberry and Apple crumble, vegan blackberry cheesecakes, blackberry compote and more is constantly being eaten at the moment from the sheer amount I’m bring home!

Thank you for reading my September highlights! If you have any favourites the same as me or have any suggestions for me, drop a comment down below or send me a message via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter @courgettiblog

– Laura x

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