A Sicilian Food and Travel Diary (Part 2)

Continuation from part one of my Sicilian adventure.

After just over a week touring the Aeolian Islands, it was time to move on. We headed off to a villa to meet some family where we’d remain for the rest of the holiday.

Day 9 (continued)

The long car jouney we broke up with many stops, the first was a lovely little cafe on the beach side. I was so ready for a cold drink, and I had the traditional lemon juice again which fast became my favourite drink on holiday! The cafe was called ‘Mezzo Limone‘ so I guess something lemony was necessary!


Next was a famous modern art trail nearby, it’s fair to say it wasn’t our thing, but it kept us entertained!

For lunch we stopped in a seaside town called Cefalu (chef-a-loo or cef-a-loo we weren’t sure) and found a lovely restaurant/cafe right next to the sea named Molo 19. I had an icey fizzy fruity drink – which was a bit too sweet – but super refreshing. For food I shared a melon and mozzerella salad (without the ham) and Caponata with my mum. Caponata is a Sicilian aubergine dish consisting of cooked veggies, usually including celery and raisins with vinegar and capers. Followed by Gelato (of course).


After arrving at the villa around 5:00, we rescued my grandparents as they were a little lost, and then headed off to the shops (my favourite place). Later on my sister and I swam in the heated pool in the dark, which was amazing!

Day 10

After a late breakfast (disrupted by a freak rain storm), my dad and I headed back in to town to get food for the next few days. We had a barbecue to plan for!


I made three different veggie salads: a couscous dish with courgette, chickpea and sundried tomato; a mixed rice salad, balsamic vinegar and fried courgette; and a lettuce, tomato, carrot with balsamic glaze. Served with barbecued aubergine pieces. All the family loved my dishes, although I probably loved them the most!

Day 11

HIIT and swim before breakfast to miss the 40 + degree heat. Post-workout breakfast of rye bread with mashed avocado and a poached egg and another half with pip and nut peanut butter (my supplies running drastically low by now)!


On this day, another drive in store but not quite as far. We had lunch in a little cafe near the main square of Monreale where I tried chickpea fritters, or Panelle in Italian (which were a little too greasy) and some roasted veg on the side. I tried my mum’s aubergine dish (which was better than mine!) .


We looked round the famous cathedral, and I had to wear the most beautiful outfit to enter.

blue dress.jpg

After this, we found an amazing gelateria (I went for coffee and chocolate).


Before returning home we looked at the stunning view from the top of the hill.


Later on, I found out from a friend in England that I had been shortlisted for ‘Best New Blog’ with the Health Bloggers Community. We were going out for dinner already, but it meant I had a reason to celbrate! The resturant l’ulivo was a two minute drive from our villa and the staff were so lovely! For my main I chose a red cabbage and walnut risotto followed by a vegan rice milk gelato with a berry centre.


Day 12

An early start meant breakfast en route to Villa Romana del Casale (one of the best preserved mosaics in the world). We stopped in Piazza Armerina, where we found a lovely cafe, but it turns out an italian mocha is not the same as an English one (it was a double espresso with cocoa powder!). Next we came across a fantastic Sicilian food shop with the most delicious almond biscuits – which I ate all of the testers for – and I also bought a brand new bowl and lemon squeezer for my blog!

Definitely not a mocha!
I found Piazza Laura!

After our short stop, we continued our drive to the mosaics. These were absolutely incredible and I will never forget them!

There were even some to walk on! This was an old courtyard

For lunch I shared some pasta dishes with my mum and sister. Once home after the VERY long but worthwhile drive – via a supermarket to find some hummus (which we didn’t find) – I did a HIIT session in the shade, and had a dip in the pool. For dinner I had loads of vegetables with couscous, crispy chickpeas and bbq leftovers! I also had four slices of watermelon, some cherries and some amazing dark chocolate.

Day 13

Dad’s first HIIT session with my mum and I in the front garden, a cool down in the pool and a fantastic breakfast of yoghurt, muesli, nectarines, dates, crumbled biscuits and seeds. I also had a slice of toast half marmalade, half peanut butter.


A little nap at 10 o’clock (whoops) and a visit to the supermarket were the only events of today.

I promise I’m studying!

Day 14

Another delicous breakfast of frozen banana, fresh nectarine, vanilla yoghurt, dates, seeds and some peanut butter (of course).


We visited the CIDMA anti-mafia museum in Corleone which was a couple of hours drive away. After a few fascinating and thought provoking trip, we found a tiny town on the way home named Baucina. We had lunch in a tiny delicatessant and had some crazy food! Green beans with salt and pepper, toasted aubergine covered in honey, baguette, some strange cheeses and sundried tomatoes!


Absolutely stuffed after our massive lunch, the drive constinued back to the villa, we arrived in Caccamo and all managed to find room for gelato!

Vegan cherry and hazelnut gelato!

A dip in the sea before returning to the villa for a sleep! The whole family loved Caccamo, and we knew we had to go back!

I’ll end Part 2 here, but part 3 will be avaliable soon! Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

–  Laura xx

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