Healthy on Holiday

Whilst on holiday I received the most exciting news that I've been nominated for a blog award in the category 'best new blog' – if you haven't voted it would mean the world to me if you could, and THANK YOU if you have already! (Vote here)

3 weeks on holiday have been the most amazing reward after GCSE's for me and A levels for my sister. Despite my love of salads, smoothies and exercise, Sicily was composed of gelato, pizza and more gelato. (I managed to fit in a couple of HIIT sessions, but not as many as I had planned!) And am I bothered about this? Not in the slightest!

Featured above is me eating an entire brioche (yep carbs) filled with gelato (yep sugar) – three different flavours to be precise. And this was for breakfast can I just add! I realised missing out on gelato which I can't have at home was pointless, I'm on holiday, and maybe I didn't do a workout in the morning, but I'm also on holiday with my family.

Above is a picture of a volcano erupting whilst we ate dinner nearby. I went with my dad, mum and sister. I ordered pizza (yep more carbs) and it was the best damn pizza ever. I learnt from Instagram (thank you plant based pixie) that no one should be scared of carbs, and I followed that to the T!!

Yet another example of enjoyment!! Almond semi Freddo, with chocolate sauce (all that dairy 😱) and I ate every drop. Sadly I couldn't lick the plate in the restaurant though.

What I'm trying to get at is no one should feel guilty on holiday, it's a time of celebration away from normal life, and let's face it we all need that sometimes!

Some people work out every day on holiday, and I'm not judging them. Some people don't, and I respect them. Some people do a bit in between and that's me. If I got up and wanted to do some exercise I did it, but if I wanted to eat ice-cream I did that instead – and if I wanted to lie on an inflatable crocodile I did that too!

Coming back home after three and a bit weeks away from running and gym classes, I knew I wasn't going to get back to it easily. But It was worth it, and as I love running and gyming anyway, the only hard part was the ache the next day (and having to drop my weights at body pump because that's depressing). If anyone asked me, would you have changed this, the answer is no. I wasn't going to miss out on a trip to the local town for breakfast because I wanted to cram in a workout. This realisation came to me the first day on holiday; I'd miss out on a lot of laughter and fun, and I'd regret that more.

There's a few things I found helpful for when we weren't eating out. Firstly, taking my pip and nut jar on holiday (my parents called this "pip and nut on tour"). I did this not to feel 'healthier' but because I love peanut butter so much!!

Secondly, I took a collection of my favourite snacks for long journeys (as Italy doesn't really do many portable snacks) and these turned out very useful when I was hungry:

At the top of a volcano, as there don't tend to be many cafes there!

A frozen nakd bar as I was hungry and needed something cold.

And on the plane when it was very much needed to go with a cup of green tea!

So at my first parkrun back after holiday, I knew it was going to be hard, but it was worse than I had predicted! With flashbacks of asthma attacks when I was younger, I struggled not to walk, but my competitive streak kicked in and I fought through. On the way home, I thought to myself that my struggle was worth it, because that was one amazing holiday!
Just some more gelato
And some more!

Thank you for reading my blogetti (in Italian a word ending in -etti means a smaller version so here's a small blog) and feel free to contact me through here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: @courgettiblog

Happy summer and I hope you get to enjoy some delicious food – don't regret any part of it!

– Laura

7 thoughts on “Healthy on Holiday”

    1. Yes!! It took a bit of time for me to realise I’d be missing out on so much if I did a workout or avoided certain foods!! Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ’•
      – Laura x

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      1. Hello! Thank you so much for visiting, definitely a good way to recharge and I happened to become a big fan of the siesta during my holiday! I hope you enjoyed your first visit here

        Laura x


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