May favourites

Cereals: Dorset cereals and homemade granola

Dorset cereal berry Muesli – I love to use local produce, so Dorset cereals seemed like the perfect answer! Before I tried this, Muesli, in my opinion was flakes of cardboard, but my mind has been changed. Made up of 45% fruit the ‘Luscious Berry and Cherry’ muesli, is full of flavour. Unfortunately it’s not gluten free (sorry dad), but the toasted wheat flakes give another texture! All of the Dorset Cereal flavours sound amazing, especially the carrot cake muesli! I used it in my Apple Pie Smoothie Bowl too!

Homemade granola – my favourite is Nourishing Yas’ , at first this recipe sounded idiotic to me, but when I had some chickpeas leftover in the fridge that desperately needed saving! SO I thought I might as well try it (you should have seen my mum’s reaction of me adding these into granola). This created a fantastic texture and I can’t wait to try this again!

Dairy-free milk: Alpro

Coconut and almond milk, as I’m not vegan I don’t have to stick to plant-based milks, but when I find a delicious milk like this I sometime wonder why I don’t live off them! Probably my favourite non-dairy milk to date, Alpro have got this one spot on!

Chocolate: Cocoaplus and Chocshot

Cocoaplus:  This bar really surprised me, a lot stickier than normal chocolate this amazing chocolate contains whey protein (sorry vegans!) from grass fed cows and has no rubbish ingredients in. Cocoaplus sell so many variations of flavours, my favourite – so far- is the orange crisp!

Sweet freedom chocolate coconut choc shot (now that’s a mouthful!). A liquid chocolate syrup, completely vegan, this coconut infused flavour is just brilliant. Add a teaspoon to coconut milk and you have the most amazing hot chocolate, or drizzle over smoothies or stirred into porridge. The uses are endless (but not really, definitely not a savoury sauce), and I bought this on offer so it was only £2.00!

Savoury products: Tofoo and Squaffles

Tofoo, as a vegetarian I have been served many a dish of tofu. Some great, some not so great, but until I found this company, I had never had a successfully scrumptious tofu dish at home. Tofoo have a fantastic range of products, some infused with flavours and spices, but my choice would be the plain block. It doesn’t crumble when you touch it and it absorbs so much flavour! Even my dad liked it, so if you are looking for a brand to try choose this one! (I love the recipe car they always include as well as a great sense of humour on the side of the pack!) – check out their website. tofoo

Squaffles, don’t get me wrong, prepping your own veg is much more cost effective and reduces all the packaging, but Butternut squash is my exception. Cut into waffle shaps, all you do is drizzle a little oil on and place them in the oven for 20 minutes! Sainsubry’s you are amazing!! I’ve even tried roasting them with cinnamon and maple syrup too (very much recommended!)

Fruits, seeds and nuts: Mixed seeds and Freeze dried fruit

Omega seed mix- sticking true to courgettiblogetti’s ethos, I chose this seed mix as an affordable cupboard filler, and it was amazing! From Grapetree foods, a combination of sunflower, pumpkin, golden linseed and brown linseeds It was the perfect addition to smoothies bowls, salads, soups and everything really! At £1.50 for 500g, this bag of seeds is fantastic for anyone trying to up proteins or just to add another texture!

Freeze dried fruit- this little bag of goodies really surprised me actually, at £1.00, it wasn’t too pricey either! With no added sugars I couldn’t believe how sweet these were! They didn’t last long enough for me to create any recipes which sums up how great they were!


Tasty treat: Lemon Drizzle Nakd Bar

Lemon drizzle nakd bar, since the day I got the email from Nakd of their new flavour, I had be scouring every shop till I found them, and the did not disappoint! You may not believe me, but it honestly tasted like a lemon drizzle cake. You should definitely try this out!

It was so hard not to eat this before taking a photo!


Dinner: Sweet potato noodles and peanut sauce

Sweet potato noodles, as many of you may already know, Deliciously Ella had probably been my  biggest inspiration to start this blog and to change my lifestyle. Both my parents have their opinion on some of my foods, but THIS recipe is just a way to win over anyone (unless they have a nut allergy). In Ella’s third book (with friends) and you simply must try this if you like a peanut satay!


Serving it up for my mum!


Blogger: Plant Based Pixie

The recent bad press on bloggers and health advisors has really made me realise some of the nonsense the internet gives! How a restricted diet is going to cure you, the super powers food and so on so forth. Plant Based Pixie, a registered nutritionist, talks of the importance of such topics, real food and gives realistic advice! My favourite of her rants include her ‘nutri-bollocks’ descriptions which you should definitely check out!transparent-background-pp-large-e1476364906631

Thank you for reading this weeks post! If you enjoyed it, let me know and send me a message by email, on Instagram @laura_elfes, facebook @courgettiblog or twitter @courgettiblog.

7 thoughts on “May favourites”

  1. All of your food looks so amazing, you’re forever making me hungry. So glad that you liked the granola too! Please do more favourites posts because I really enjoyed reading this!


    1. Glad you liked it! I really enjoyed writing these so more to come!! The granola was so good, I’m definitely going to make it again, much love ,
      – Laura x

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  2. What’s Taking place here I’m new to this, I stumbled upon this blog. It’s absolutely useful and it has helped me out loads. I’m hoping to give a contribution & assist other users to use it like it has helped me. Great job.

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