Christchurch Food Festival

It is not many times a year that Dorset hosts a food festival like those in major cities (eg: Manchester or London) but THIS is one that comes once a year, and I love it. It’s the main event of my calender before summer without fail! The buzz in the air of packed streets and food on every stall just makes me so happy! (You can tell I’m a foodie can’t you!)


Sukha Lounge, Vegan and Raw Food Café. Yum.


Last year, there weren’t as many vegetarian and vegan stalls as I’d hoped but I still managed to find falafels; but this year was a whole different story. Not only did many stalls have vegetarian or vegan options, they all had testers too! Although there were still many stalls with produce (that is full of additives and other processed components) I was very impressed compared to last year!

I thought I would share with you some of the greatest stalls with some fantastic products, that you can order online too!

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee


Okay, where to start? As I am not vegan I have had many Jimmy’s iced coffees beforehand, but I feel very privilidged to say I was one of the first EVER people to try the vegan version, and just wow! I reckon that straw made it taste even better, but I can’t wait to find this oaty drink again! Not only this, but the man selling the Ice coffee was funny and so nice to talk to; this was just the highlight of my day!

Vegan Nacho Bowl

Cashew sour cream, Salsa, Guacamole, Beans and nachos, need I say more? Not only do I feel I have completely proven wrong the common phrase ‘what do vegans eat apart from lettuce?’, but my mum loved it too! From the Sukha Lounge vegan and raw food café, I couldn’t fault it, so I will definitely be visiting this café in future! This was absolutley incredible and has definitley provided me with some inspirauon, so keep your eyes peeled on here!

I must say seeing the words ‘raw vegan café’ scared me a little, I may be vegetarian but I like a wide range of food, but these people completely proved me wrong!

That guacamole! (and my mum’s falafels at the back)




Giggi’s Gelato

Vegan Strawberry Sorbet, (and a scoop on non-vegan chocolate and cherry). I have to say, I NEVER chose strawberry in an ice-cream shop, and I only chose this based on how delicious it looked, just a bonus it was vegan I guess! This was honestly divine, and if you ever pass a Giggi’s shop, this is a MUST!

The only gelato I have tasted in England that’s as good as Italian Gelato


These three places/foods were the highlights of my day, but obviously there was so much more! I was a little sad that there wasn’t any nut butter stalls, but life goes on!

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If you enjoyed reading this, let me know if you will be going next year! Meanwhile why not head over to my Instagram @laura_elfes  to see what I get up to daily!

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    1. Next Year? And I seriously have to recreate this bowl soon, it was so good! Then you can try it too (if the recipe goes ok!)
      – Laura x

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