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Revision Snacks

For anyone who has ever had to revise for long periods of time, which I presume is basically everyone, you know how strenuous and boring life can feel. For me I had to have little breaks to look forward to, which usually include some food and some fresh air helping to clear my head a bit.

I love to break up revision with exercise too, but for my A-levels I found this became a lower priority! In the past few years, I have taken 18 GCSE exams in May and June 2017 and 9 A-level exams in May and June 2019. Some days I just powered on, but snacks helped a great deal, it was great motivation!

I decided, with GCSE’s, A-S levels, A levels and end of year exams in now finished for another year across the UK, this is the perfect time to share some food inspiration to get everyone through to a well deserved summer holiday!

Vegetable Crisps:

On a post about a month ago (Here), I created a super easy microwave crisp recipe, with such quick preparation, hardly any valuable time is lost and you end up with some delicious fuel!

Broccoli and Sweet Potato salted crisps
Hoots Snacks or nachos:

A healthy alternative to crisps, these vegan crispy treats make the perfect revision fuel. The bags seem to be endless, my favourite flavour is the salt and pepper packet!(If you fancy dipping them in something try this turmeric dip)


A delicious meze bowl with nachos on the side, which I ate just before an afternoon exam

Fresh, sweet and natural, fruit is an amazing energy booster to keep you going. I love to make up something that I call apple nachos, which involves slicing up an apple and covering these slices in all sorts of toppings, which is a great was to make an apple last a little longer, and you can eat and work at the same time! This was I get more than just a piece of fruit as well. Another firm favorite of mine is strawberries, I get through punnets during exam time, as they are always in season for exams!

A post-exam bowl of sweetness which helped to get me back to revising after a tough exam

And finally, my final star in the fruit department is the humble banana. Whilst I am not it’s biggest fan when on its own, when sliced, frozen, dunked in peanut butter and sandwhiched with a square of chocolate, it is fair to say, I am then indeed a BIG fan!

One of my many banana, peanut butter and chocolate sandwhiches! 

I don’t know what it is about a soft, homemade, delicous cookie, but without fail, they can always make me smile, however bad the exam went, however confusing the revision is! During my A-levels, some of my stress-relief came from baking, and that baking, was, you guessed it, cookies!

I developed one of the best recipes (if I say so myself) for a vegan cookie, as I made them every week for about three months of the revision period of 2019. This recipe shall be published shortly and I can’t wait to share the most insane recipe to date!

A here it is! The coffee cookie with a square of salted chocolate in the middle! 

Along with my mini baking obsession, I also became a big fan of the oreo, during my A-levels, I pretty much tried every flavour of oreo available in the supermarket (Thank you mum!) and they definitely helped get me through exams!

Two oreos on a cherry chocolate pot, most of the time they never made it to the bowl! 
Veg and hummus:

Raw, crunchy and refreshing, I love to dip all my veggies in plain or flavoured hummus to keep me going!

Sugar snaps and baby corn are perfect to dip!
Trail mix:

A mixture of cereal, dried fruits, and seeds is my next favourite choice. It has healthy fats, sugars and is so tasty (especially with some nakd nibbles or some chocolate chips) In this one, I had bran flakes, cranberries, raisins, almonds, cashews, granola, mixed seeds and Nakd nibbles! You could add anything from cereal to dried fruit to chocolate pieces!

A trail mix quickly put together to snack on whilst I revise

Moreish and available in so many flavours, I just can’t get enough. It’s great too as it’s not calorie dense so you don’t fill up super quickly! My current favourite is the almond and peanut flavour by Propercorn, but sweet and salted comes in a clase second and is a lot cheaper (hooray for student budgets!)

And finally, the smoothie:

Now the smoothie for me has had an interesting past in my house hold, I went from loving them every day, to being scared of their sugar content, but a few years on, they are now a firm favorite and I love to have a smoothie whenever I fancy! Over revision and exam period, I had quite a few, as they are easy to sip if they are in a glass, or delicious to eat when covered in toppings and made in to a smoothie bowl instead! Mine usually involve banana and cherries as that is a staple combo we always have in the freezer!


So there we have it! A brief insight in to what foods got me through my GCSE’s and A-levels, obviously there was a lot more to it than just these snakc suggestions, my mum was a great help, cooking dinner for me and knowing I wouldn’t eat with the rest of the family, and clearing up after me to save me time! Some days breakfast was eaten in about 1 minute and involved inhaling a bowl of shreddies before running off, where as other days was a more leisurely toast and coffee. Just remember, we all have different experiences, we all revise differently and we all have different favourite foods, so your revsion snacks will certainly not be identical to my revision snacks!

Wishing you all the best in your upcoming exams, I hope this post can help you out a little, and when you get the chance and your exams are over, let me know which of the snacks where your revision snack favourite!

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  1. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the structure of your website? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?


    1. Thanks for the constructive criticism! I try to include as many pictures as possible, and on this post I have a lot more than two pictures, so maybe you can’t view them on your device? I am so glad you enjoy the content though!
      – Laura x


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