Courgettiblogetti in London

A few weeks ago I made a weekend trip to my capital city. With a busy itinerary to fulfil with my family, I had a few places as a healthy food lover and gym enthusiast I just had to go to. Some of these locations have been on my list to visit by recommendation from other people with similar tastes to me,whereas others I had heard of via social media. I found this list so, so hard to narrow down to five  I just wish could write about almost every store I walked into!

If you, like me enjoy exercise and healthy food, here’s my top 5 places to visit in London

5. Planet Organic

As a girl from outside a city, any health food shop is an amazing sight, however this one stood out to me by quite a long way. With a built in café and row upon row of my favourite foods, I was in awe of this amazing store. I honestly could’ve bought basically everything in here, but with my limited time allowance I had to decide on a few things I can’t usually find. If I hadn’t been so full-up from food, I would’ve eaten there too! Definitely go and check this food haven out if you pass by!


4. Sweaty Betty - Beak street

One of the higher-up market gym kit stores, this on-the-sidestreet shop was an adorable size with lovely staff. Not only did we feel so welcome, but this little shop had everything my mum and I needed. Near Selfridges, it did take a little while to find but google maps came in handy and it was well worth it! Plus it was opposite a Neals-Yard, which is a great shop for your organic cosmetics! Top tip: If you are eligible for a student discount, make sure to use it in SB, you get a massive 20% off! I am not one for cheaply made and baggy gym kit, I love my clothes to last, if you are looking for comfortable and durable exercise gear, this is the place to go! I couldn’t recommend this shop enough and I now have a new favourite pair of leggings:(


3. Selfridges food-hall

Honestly, I could’ve spent hours in here, however I was still full of food to have eaten in the café area! This place is a great opportunity to experience new foods, there are many brands with testers out all around the store. All the lovely people, describing these testers are so easy to start conversation with and just give this place such a special environment!

One of the food bars I bought, featured on my Instagram (@laura_elfes)


2. The MaE Deli

A long awaited visit to this beautiful deli definitely exceeded passed my already high expectations! This deli, set-up by one of my favourite ever healthy food campaigners, Deliciously Ella, was full of just some of her amazing recipes. I wanted to eat everything available in there! I chose a takeaway medley box of delights, including an amazing artichoke dip, roasted cauliflower, quinoa and butternut squash in tahini. Along with this I had a matcha latte with brown rice milk (as recommended by the waitress) and a red velvet cake. I couldn’t fault the fantastic food and I was so full after eating this too!


1. Spitalfields market

After a full-on Saturday, I didn’t think anything could beat all the amazing shops and restaurants I’d visited when Sunday morning came, but I was wrong! A common mistake is to head to the main markets of London, Camden is a market known by almost all tourists as the place to go, but I now disagree! Having never heard of this particular market before, my whole family were unsure of what to expect. Although we struggled to find parking, this place topped any description or review we’d heard. Not only were there shops like Mac and Urban Decay for my make-up loving sister, but the stalls had everything from clothes, to jewellery and evening rolling pins! Just across the road we came across another street, this was full of amazing smells and fantastic music rang through the streets. We came across The Old Truman Brewery Boiler House, which was a massive hall full of very culture of food you could imagine. There was sheltered seating and toilets too! It was such an amazing time and I couldn’t say a single bad word about it! Whilst my dad at Ethiopian, my sister had Mexican, my mum Indian and I had Moroccan. Where else could we have all eaten together with such different foods?

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Thank you so much for reading CourgettiBlogetti in London, if you visit any of these places or have your own recommendations let me know at Instagram @laura_elfes , twitter @courgettiblog or pinterest @courgettiblog . I hope you enjoyed this read and feel feel to like, comment or it share it too!




13 thoughts on “Courgettiblogetti in London”

    1. MaE deli is my favourite spot whatever! I just love their ethos, the staff are so lovely and the food is incredibel! Although my meat loving sister didn’t think the same!

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  1. oi ademir pode me ajudar eu instalei ta funcionando certinho so q o loading demora uma eternidade pra carh,ar,gminea conf phenon ll x4 965 ,8 gb , gtx 560 2 gb , fonte corsair 650 w uma dica obrigado


    1. Pesaroso eu não sou realmente certo o que você precisa a ajuda com, emita-me um email e eu tentarei oe o ajudarei!


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