Guest Post- 10 runner’s pet hates

10 runners’ pet hates

Hi everyone! I’m Emma from https://fruitsandroutes.wordpress.com, a 16-year-old avid runner and healthy recipe developer. Laura and I thought it would be fun to do a collaboration as we’re pretty similar in our love for running and baking. In this post I’m going to write about some of my pet hates as a runner, and maybe some of them will match up with yours! Remember to read Laura’s post over on my blog  after 🙂


My dad and I on our most recent long run – thankfully it was through the beautiful French countryside so none of these pet hates occurred!


  1. When people don’t move out of your way when you’re running

I know this sounds rude, but I’ve had this happen to me several times on a long run when I’m coming into the home straight and a group of people are taking up the whole pavement, and even though I say ‘excuse me’ when I’m a little way away, they never seem to hear me until I’m literally on them at which point they look at me like I’m a lunatic! This also happens at the track sometimes when I’m doing a rep and some little kid suddenly stops right in front of me, disrupting my rhythm and affecting the rest of the rep!

  1. Ill-fitting, poorly designed kit

I don’t buy ‘cheap’ kit from shops such as Primark, so when I buy a pair of leggings it would be nice for them to fit properly! Often, I have issues with the waist-band; maybe it’s just me, but I swear they always slip down on leggings! I also have a base-layer (top) which rides up when I run quickly so sometimes halfway around the track it’ll have ridden up to my midriff which is really uncomfortable and annoys me a lot (if you haven’t already realised).

  1. Over-enthusiastic parents & supporters who lie in their encouragement

There’s one biggie – I absolutely detest it when I’m running a race and a parent shouts to a person behind me ‘come on X, you can catch that girl’ (where X = their name). It’s like excuse me but ‘that girl’ has ears and can hear every word you say! Perhaps even more frustrating though, is when someone who means well lies to you in a race, telling you that you’re almost there when in fact you still have 3km to go. Sometime it can help, but most of the time it just demoralises me when I realise their shout of encouragement where a *slight* exaggeration. At the Southerns race in Parliament Hill, on the 28th January, someone yells to me that I was on the last hill; five hills later I was in sight on the finish line and was not impressed by whoever that person was and the lie they told me.


Parliament Hill race


  1. Unattended dogs

Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs- I have one myself! But when I’m in a park doing hill reps or on a tempo run, I find it incredibly annoying when an owner neglects their dog and so their bored dog comes chasing after me or run around me. Not wanting to trip on them, I often have to slow down or try and sprint away, but either way it disrupts my rhythm and affects my rep.

  1. When *someone* finishes the last on my favourite energy bars

That someone often happens to be my brother or my dad, who, unknowingly finish the last on my Trek (peanut power) bars in their hunting for a snack. Come race day, I find myself without my traditional pre-race snack and have to compromise with a mediocre one. Now I known that sounds unbelievably spoilt, but on race-day, routine is key, and when routine is disrupted it can really affect your mindset and pre-race mentality and could severely impact your race!


When *someone* finished the best energy bar


  1. Having to wear that pair of leggings that you just don’t like

I don’t know if it’s just me again, but I have 3 pairs of leggings and only really wear two of them – one of them just looks weird! So when my other two are in the wash I have to wear the other one, I just feel ridiculous running in it and it makes me feel self-conscious. I do realise that no one else probably cares, but because I care it makes me paranoid and my run just doesn’t feel the same.

  1. Being told to take a break

This doesn’t happen often, but the concept of ‘taking a break’ just doesn’t exist in a runner’s dictionary. My dad just calls it the ‘runner’s bug’ and I think it’s a genuine thing. Even though it will benefit you in the long run, when you’re told by a coach/physio/doctor to take a break of 1-2 weeks to either recuperate, recover from an injury or prevent an oncoming one, it feels like a real bummer. What are you going to do with all this time? And won’t you get worse whilst everyone else is out there smashing training sessions? I think there’s some kind of ingrained runner’s competitiveness that makes us jealous of everyone else’s training, but rest is important to ensure we don’t burn out, so I guess it’s not all bad.

  1. When training is cancelled for whatever reason

Although this has only actually happened a couple of times with club training due to snow and frozen track, and a few times I haven’t been able to go for a run due to gale force winds (most recently) or some other extreme weather condition. I hate planning something and then not being able to go through it due to some uncontrollable circumstance because again, I feel like I’m missing out on essential training and get frustrated that I couldn’t do my planned training session.

  1. When you’re running…and you’ve suddenly ‘gotta go’

Like really badly, yes you can go to the toilet before running, but sometimes this need suddenly spring on you and you really need it. I don’t want to get into too much detail for fear of disgusting you, but that feel of it essentially ‘moving’ inside you is never pleasant, and when you’re bursting so badly that every time you finish a rep you almost wet yourself…well. Trust me; speaking from experience, it is just the worst. What annoys me the most is that I always go to the toilet before running, so it basically just proves that I have the bladder of a squirrel. Once, it was so bad, half way through an 8km run with my dad I had to stop and use a pub’s facilities to relieve myself. Sometimes this just can’t be avoided.

  1. Cars beeping at me for no reason

Has anyone else had this? While on a nice, long run, someone rudely beeps at you as they drive past, interrupting your thoughts and scaring you significantly. It’s happened to me quite a few times, and usually are young males (sorry guys!) having a laugh – but you won’t see me laughing! I find this so disconcerting and it really throws me off my rhythm (it makes me jump every time), so please if you’re thinking of doing this, don’t!




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