My Teatime UK Review

Just before Christmas I received a delightful little selection box filled with eight different tea blends, kindly sent for me to review by a company new to the industry; My Teatime. I am not a fan of traditional breakfast tea, although my parents seem to drink litres of it- I am more of a herbal or berry tea kind of person.

I was very excited to see this '100% natural' herbal tea through my door, not just because I love drinking a cup of warming herbal tea whenever I can but because this company uses the most amazing tea bag design! They are made from silk nylon and hold loose leaf mixes that can be used up to six times before loosing much flavour. These innovative bags come in a small ziplock and you then attach the handles of the tea bag to the sides of your mug! Here's a link to see how they work:




The box contained a selection of all of their different mixes: Four Beautea, TummyTonic, Lemmune Superboost, Jasmine Pearl Zen, Revitazest, Iron Brew, Berry Berry Brainy and Popcorn Pep. The benefits of all their tea infusions can be viewed on their website (




In all honesty I wasn't a fan of all of them, the one made from whole flowers – Jasmine Pearl Zen- was not my forte. I also wasn't keen on the Lemongrass ones such as Revitazest or Lemmune. However, this is my personal preference as these were new and very different flavours to me.

The one I enjoyed the most tasted more familiar; Berry Berry Brainy. This consists of dried blueberries, goji berries and white tea and stood out among the others for its subtle yet sweet flavour. I re-used it for the recommended six tries and it tasted just as good each time. I am currently sipping at the sixth re-use with a vegan rocky road in my other hand! My Teatime claims of benefits such as reducing blood glucose levels and boosting brain capacity from the ingredients it contains.

I am very sceptical around the word 'antioxidant'- seen in every supermarket, almost every health product or health claim for miles around, this new term has taken the world by storm. Blueberries, such as in this tea, used in almost all my smoothies, pancakes and winter warming porridge have super high levels of them. I am not entirely sure if consuming high levels of food containing antioxidants is going to noticeably change my health at all but it just happens that the foods I love and consume daily are the foods that contain them. Keep an eye for a post to come soon on this topic as well as many scientific  investigations to be carried out in the near future!




To finish, I want to say a massive thank-you to the owners of this chemical-free tea company, they have been so kind and patient with me. To get 25% off use the code TEATIME16 .

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