December favourites

As you may have read in my all about me, I am currently in my GCSE year at school- I have tests coming up so here's a tiny post to keep you updated.

For todays blog, I am going to share with you some of my favourite foods and most memorable meals from the past month.

First up: Nut butter

Pip&Nut coconut and almond butter is my new addiction- I was given some for Christmas and I love it to pieces! I have tried it in so many different ways; on toast, porridge, rice cakes, sliced banana or apple and of course on its own to. At first I wasn't amazed because I really love crunchy nut butters but now… You must try this if you like nuts and coconut!




Next: Smoothies

My current favourite smoothie is a thick and creamy one, perfect for scooping into a bowl and decorating. I made a few festive bowls around Christmas but my orange and cacao one came up trumps. If you fancy the recipe, message me for details.

Toppings for breakfast (lunch, dinner or pudding):

I couldn't choose just one for this so I have two.

First up cacao nibs- I found these pushed right to the back of the cupboard in disgust from when I first tasted them. I absolutely hated them at first try and avoided them ever since; they were very cheap in grape tree at the time. But after starting to add cacao to more and more of my recipes, I gave them another go and I can't believe I ever hated them! I love them in my orange and cacao smoothie and coconut porridge especially!


cacao nibs.PNG


My other favourite topper has been the Tesco's breakfast topper- this is a large bag of frozen fruit, diced into tiny cubes including strawberry, peach, pineapple and mango. at £1.50 this 350g bag lasts an age and the summer fruits are so refreshing and genuinely tasty!





I love brown bread, whether it is Saturday lunch time with my poached egg and avocado, or dipped in soup in the cold months of winter, it needs to be good- especially as toast. My mum and I recently tried the Lidl wholemeal loaf; we keep all our bread in the freezer and take out a slice or two when we need them. This was an extra large loaf for under a pound and it's been fantastic!. Here's the Lidl brown bread:




Unfortunately we have yet to find an affordable Gluten free bread for my dad, but his favourite at the moment is the Genius brown seeded loaf.


My current favourite sweet treat is the Dark chocolate Alpro yoghurt. It's 100% vegan and 100% amazing! I found it in the free from section in Tesco. I love topping this with desiccated coconut, cacao nibs and breakfast topper (see above) for pudding.



A little off topic but I came across the most relatable quote for me near the end of December, ready for the new year:

"1 year = 365 opportunities to eat peanut butter"


I hope you enjoy this week's blog, sorry it is a little hurried!




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