Neal’s yard testing

As you may know, one of my most inspirational food bloggers is Deliciously Ella, she changed my mind-set on food, and I don’t know what life would be like without her advice! When I first found out about her products coming out from Neal’s Yard Remedies, I was over the moon!! For those who don’t know, NYR is a brand based in London that produces cosmetic products, 100% naturally, with as many of their ingredients as possible coming from their farm in Dorset. Since finding out about her products and the recent I was desperate to go in store to try them out; so when my mum’s friend invited us to her Neal’s Yard party, I couldn’t wait!


An arrangement of many gorgeous products were laid out across the table, and the smell in the air was incredible. The subtle smell came from the essential oil diffuser (far left above). After trying all the products on show here are my favourites:

  • Bee lovely hand cream
  • Deliciously Ella’s face wash
  • Essential Oil diffuser

neals yard post .jpg

This delightful product had a gentle smell of honey and was a fantastic moisturiser. If you get the chance, try this one!!!

neals yard post 2.jpg

The combination of Rose, Lime and Cucumber gave a refreshing, enlightening smell, it was cool on the skin and was absolutely perfect for it’s job!

Finally the diffuser, this small, low power machine allowed you to add a few drops of essential oils to some water. The smell gradually fills the room, but not overwhelming, with the smell of your choice. It’s like a candle without the worry of a fire, it removed all smells of wet dog too!! It was so clever, simple but so effective! I plan to order one similar to this in the near future, keep a look out!








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