Pumpkin Picking

November is almost here, Autumn quickly passing and Halloween so close. My perfect autumn weekend involves, a long walk through all the falling leaves and then returning home with soup to be eaten by the wood fire. Saturday October 29th  was my first visit to Cat & Fiddle farm in Dorset, and I hope it will be followed by many more; there and it’s sister farm: Sopley farm, in Dorset too.


Pumpkins are ready to be picked in a short period of time of September and October, but it was well worth the  wait. I went with three friends- dragging our sled around and picking our own pumpkins was such great fun, with many memories to keep.


If you ever get the chance to go to a pick your own farm, go, whatever you may be picking, but large vegetables requiring a sled are definitely bound to give you the funniest time. This farm you can pick a variety of fruit and vegetables throughout the year including, strawberries, raspberries, asparagus, sweetcorn and much more. For just £0.60 per kilogram the prices were so much better than the pumpkins you can pick up in supermarkets for a fiver. Be sure to keep an eye out for pumpkin recipes to follow!


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